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Happy Music Monday! We hip hip hop and we don't stop! Much like a great many celebrities who recorded rap songs over the years. Thankfully, Scott's found a couple of them who didn't just rip off The Sugar Hill Gang. Not a lot. Just a couple.

David Bowie feat. Mickey Rourke - Shining Star (Makin' My Love)


Bowie's pretty open about being lost in the late 1980s. So, you know… here's proof. Sort of the bookend to "Dancing In The Streets" in a way, you know?

Maybe it gets better. Maybe it gets worse. You won't know unless you dare. See you after the jump!

Fu-Schnickens feat. Shaquille O'Neal - Can We Rock


Imagine you're at twenty-something kid. The whole world won't stop talking about you. You're on the rise as a global brand. And some pretty cool rappers ask you to jump in on their track. What would YOU say? The question isn't "Why did Shaq do this?" but rather "How come it's so much better than Shaq Diesel?" Also I've always had a suspicion that this song's Bugs Bunny reference might have been the first step towards Space Jam.

Chevy Chase feat. Chic or maybe The Sugar Hill Gang - Rapper's Plight


You gotta hand it to Chevy, he was making this rap parody when most people were considering the genre ignorable. And hipster hatin' aside, this really would be a passable between-track sketch on quite a few modern rap albums. As far as Chevy's career goes, the lost businessman who wanders in from nowhere is much better written than, say, Oh Heavenly Dog. So let's call this a win for the guy.

Mint Royal feat. Willem Dafoe - Ring


Is this rapping or reading? Look, it's someone famous and I needed five tracks, so shut it. And it's kinda nice.

Blondie feat. Joe Peschi - Wise Guy


Okay, Blondie probably wasn't in the studio when this song was happening… buuuut it's still meeting the spirit of this post, right? Hey, if you don't like it, find your own song to post. BOOM! I'M DROPPING THE MIC AND WALKING AWAY!

Let us also just remind you: some images come from the corresponding Wikipedia page and are here under fair use. See you next week.

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Do parodies count? I mean Weird Al is a 'celebrity' of sorts. And, though a musician, he isn't /technically/ a rap artist.


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I know it's a well all too often visited, but how about Vincent Price on Thriller

Apparently there were three verses:


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Also: not a celebrity under any reasonably accepted definition, but Soft Cell had their drug dealer Cindy Ecstacy rap on Memorabilia

Apparently Marc Almond almost married her. Which would have been odd.


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Does The Rock saying "it doesn't matter" repeatedly count as rapping?

YouTube doesn't have the actual video, but if you want to see The Rock saying "it doesn't matter," it's at


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treat your mother right!


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dougall wrote:treat your mother right!

Oh, Man, how did I not think of that? He also rapped in the intro to that motivational video:

And, get this, he rapped about rapping later in the video:


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OK, so this song isn't actually Louis Braille and Louis Pasteur rapping, but I am morally certain that if such a thing existed, this is what it would sound like:


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This is exactly what I was gonna post!


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strawhousepig wrote:This is exactly what I was gonna post!

I was hesitant to post it, but I guess it does meet the "rap" criteria?