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Thought I'd be proactive and create a centralized Birthday of Celebrations thread. Feel free to delete if there's another one already.

I got a Birthday of Celebrations from the Woot Phone sale. I sat in the Antechamber of Doom and then like magic, it took me to the buy it page. That was after failing like 4 other times.

Excited to see what will be in this bag!

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Missed the last one... that's what I get for showering D:


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Nabbed one during level 1 in the craptycombs.

It arrived!

Frost Boss Instant can chiller
Emergency 5-in-1 whistle thing
Woot t-shirt!
2012 Star Wars the Clone Wars calendar
Birthday of Celebrations Sticker
Some form of Ladies sunglasses (Michael Kors).



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Nothing. Pure crap. It actually signed me out once and then another time put two in my cart and made me remove one losing it. I didn't do anything wrong just bad code. What's new


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I got my first ever Birthday of Celebrations in Home Woot! I am super excited to see what I will get.. I got the antichamber of doom about 5 times before I made it through.


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Got one in the level 6 casino, after my 3rd anti-chamber of doom today, it actually allowed me to proceed to check out. Then I thought I had a 17in laptop for $10 in level 9 for a second, but it wasnt meant to be


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Got some crap level 2. Great day woot

Proudly tracking via WootStalker.com Nemesis: Stryper2000 He stole my Big Ole Carrot


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I scored crap off of the Kids.woot site. Can't wait to see what it is

The Craphound of Woot

Antagonist of Sellbuyer92 , I sniped his Basket Of Checkers



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Managed to get in on the last batch, whew!

Wonder if they will still unlock the Duncan Sheik tweet link to a Birthday of Celebrations


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I got a trove of crap in the level 1 catacombs


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I'm not sure where mine came from. I had three different waiting room tabs open and one finally popped up.

I think the official thread is here: http://www.woot.com/forums/viewpost.aspx?postid=5848470&pageindex=1&replycount=366


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Got Dance-Off crap after a string of 6 failures.

Also picked up shirt crap because I'm one of those ... shirt.woot people.


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Snagged mine during the Sport Woot after 3 trips to the Antechamber.

Almost had the $10 laptop but it was snapped away from me during checkout.


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I wasn't going to get the shirt crap, but then the guy showed it comes with a FREAKER, which is one of my all tie favorite random almost useless inventions ever.


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Scored shirt crap and bag o' in consecutive levels.

Whoo has the formatting for including the V'owel winning crest as a badge?


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I was in Waiting Rooms for both the Level 2 and the Computers Crap, then got past both at the same time. Deleted one from my cart and bought the other, but have no idea which one I bought.


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Shirt Birthday of Celebrations and one from Sellout. Good day!


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Can't wait for my crap - I expect the usual anticipation:disappointment ratio.


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I was able to land a level 9 crap, my first one since 2007 (and only my 3rd in 10 years!). I'm looking forward to seeing what I get. I've never received anything totally awesome though. In my Birthday of Celebrations II crap one of my items was a giant can of industrial deodorant that was more useful as a badly scented blowtorch to burn black widow spiders (while friends of mine got rokus or even a 5-in-1 speaker system). I'm just hoping...


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Got my very first Birthday of Celebrations today! I'm SO looking forward to seeing what crap I got!

7/11/14 Birthday Celebration TAKITTEI


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I believe I snagged my 9th Birthday of Celebrations today. As well as a shirt Big ol' Catapult.

I'm not sure if I should be ashamed, or proud... but I just counted out how many shirts my husband has from woot and it's well over 100.

Glad our son is getting big enough to start sharing! LoL

Too many to list... Woot on, Wayne.


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Got my first Birthday of Celebrations ever!


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Yes, yes I did. It was the dance one, I think.


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Me too. I'm a little soured after my bad experiences with pet crap and the Tools.woot grab bag, but hopefully this won't suck as badly.

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I got a Hidden Trove of Crap from level 1!


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I got a Birthday of Celebrations today, YAY! From computers! so...what level was that?

Happy Birthday Woot! Thanks for the gifts!



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8 plus years on this site. Scored my first Birthday of Celebrations last week, and got 2 (1 shirt) today. So 3 in 8 years. Dem's great odds!


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I got Lvl 10 Random Crap. It's my first crap. I hope I get some legendary loot.

I'm excited.


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how exactly do i level up?


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First ever Birthday of Celebrations I got mine in the last level from the George and I can't wait!!! I was clicking away like a crazy person and POOF…magic. I also ordered a SBOC just incase I wasn't lucky. Here's to hope! Anyone else snag one on last level?


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I threw away my $23 today. We shall see how much poop I get in my bags.


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Nope - Antechamber of doom several times. I wont buy anything from Woot until I get a Birthday of Celebrations eBay has everything I need in the meantime.


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Yes. Apparently there is a whole bag of it shipping to my front door. WOOT!

1st Birthday of Celebrations finally! Happy 10th Woot!


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Found woot off a completely unrelated usenet newsgroup - some guy asking what the yellow flashing lights meant. This was the July 2007 birthday wootoff. First woot was a Roomba (naturally). Worst woot was the Moving Lips Speakerphone, which came with the best woot forum quote: "Honey, I just bought a moving lips speakerphone off the internet"


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I got mine on Level 2


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I still have no idea what was going on today, funny how people don't post explaining anything around here, what the heck is a level X Birthday of Celebrations I did happen to snag a Big ol' Catapult from kids.woot, but, had no idea that I could get one from shirt.woot without it counting against the weekly count... Not that had a chance to get one, anyway...



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Shirt and level 7 crap. Last week's crap was pretty crappy. Guessing this will be better... Mostly need a coffee cup for new office.


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I got my crap on lvl 2.


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I got mine when i entered the dance off!


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