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Dyson DC24 All-Floors Vacuum

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3 years ago
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Is it ok to take Dyson the casino?

Obviously past my bed time. Sorry.

Have you guys seen any writers around?


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This is my first time in 8 years of membership where I was the first to woot... it looks like there's only like 5 buyers though, which is kinda sad...

I miss when woot was 1 product, and that was it. Now they sell more than WalMart across their 11 websites...


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I was really excited when i first saw the deal on woot.com...i've had good experiences with some of the refurbished deals...but i did't know that this unit had been restored by a deaf person...it is in working condition and looks a little worn but it does what it's supposed to do...the problem starts as soon as you hit the power switch...you kinda get stuck in between running away or shutting it down right away...after the customer support refused my return based on "personal reasons/ buyer's remorse" I imagined sending the unit to woot quarters so that they can use it in their offices...it will be my appreciation gift for them and their customer support that also advised me to resell it to someone else ...the only person that I could think of selling that is maybe one of the ISIS members,Vladimir Putin...one of those dictators from Thailand...it actually reminds me of a roaring jet engine...i expect the thing to take of at some point...they should have packed the unit with ear mufflers...but for the deaf person that refurbished it it did't sound too bad...
now i am stuck with it...thank you woot! i wish you the same!