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Dyson DC39 Ball Canister Vacuum

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Product Page
Walmart reviews

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I have this vacuum. It does a pretty good job of keeping my beige-ish carpet beige-ish, instead of black from my dog shedding EVERYWHERE.


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TONS of very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at bestbuy.com


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Here is its Amazon page.

And you can find the Best Buy reviews here.


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I have this vacuum from a previous sale. I hated it so much I gave it away. The people I gave it to also hated it, so it sits in a closet unused. I have 2 dyson uprights, but prefer a canister, so I thought this would be perfect, but it just does not pick up well at all.


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I just sold my 9? 10? year old DC14 for $100. Dyson's hold up and they do well on carpet but it blew on hard floors unless you use the wand directly and even then it wasn't that strong.

My points are Dysons are loud, suction is mediocre, but they are pretty and hold up well.

I bought a little Eureka cordless stick thing for $22 at a Amazon return store (Essex) and that picks up better than the DC14. And yes, I cleaned my DC14 thoroughly, taking off all the pieces to clean them.

I will be looking at a refurb Rainbow if I need a serious vacuum again.


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Does this come with accessories?


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dyson.woot.com and pyle.woot.com would make sense


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I have the smaller version of the same vacuum and it has always worked great. Except once when suddenly it "sucked" and not in a good way.

Talking with a friend I discovered there are 2 filters in the Dyson. I had only been cleaning 1.

Most people who complain loudly about a Dyson are the same ones who don't read directions. (yes i was guilty) So I went back and read the manual & found all the issues that I had were solved.

The hard floor use needed to disable the brush attachment and possibly pull the suction trigger if it gets stuck to the floor. the brush disable keeps items from being strewn across the floor. Washing the filters Monthly (and reversing water thru the filter to force out the dirt / dust (we sanded walls for painting and the Dyson sucked up all the dust & dirt (also when I found out about the 2nd filter)

The dc39 we just bought my mom came with a crevice tool and stair tool, with the trigger head (air powered beater bar) .

The only thing I don't like is the cleaning of the filters, it isn't necessarily easy to get imbedded dirt (especially when our dirt is more clay & sand) So I use a very bright flashlight to shine thru the filter to identify what parts are still dirty and keep cleaning until i can see light thru the filters. But it's better than paying $20 or so for a hepa filter every other month.


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The hard floor attachment isn't included, sells for $50.


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This one doesn't list the Stair tool and a Combination tool with a nozzle that converts to a brush tool for dusting so I assuming they aren't included.


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sjboyer wrote:This one doesn't list the Stair tool and a Combination tool with a nozzle that converts to a brush tool for dusting so I assuming they aren't included.

Those are the only two accessories included, actually.

The Bald Guy

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Don't believe 'em. Tried the Dyson Ball Vacuum and spent the night in the ER. My nuts still hurt.


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I bought this during a previous Woot deal and absolutely love it. I dread vacuuming, but this machine actually makes it enjoyable. It's a very nice looking vacuum, too.
It looked brand new upon arrival and came with clear instructions. We have two cats and two dogs and this machine seems to really suck out all of that excess fur from our carpets.
It also works well on our hard floors (I turn off the rotating brush of the floor attachment for these).
It came with two accessory attachments, a crevice and stair tool. They store on the wand.
I have two minor complaints. One, the brush option of the crevice tool is a pain to engage or disengage, so I just leave it engaged. Two, the "storage" notch for the wand of the vacuum is underwhelming. The wand attaches by a plastic hook to a small opening on the canister when not in use. It works, but I fear it will break some day.
This is my first Dyson and my first canister vacuum. I'm very happy with the product. Shipping was fast and the vacuum was well-packed. I think it was a great buy!


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We have 2 of these. Not 1 bad word to say. 1 in our home 1 in our vacation home plus other models.

Dyson is the best and this is the best canister vacuum available.

OVER 550 W00T CARTFULS as of 06/25/14. You're killing us with some wonderful items W000T!

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I bought it. I've been looking for this vacuum for a good price for a long time.


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I actually bought the canister vac today, from Costco. I'm returning it tomorrow. Here's why:
1) very short cord (21'), which means I have to stop and replug in (I don't have to do that with my Kenmore canister).
2) Suction is ok, but no better than any other vac
3) cord is strange, so I can't turn left, I have to turn right to not tangle up the cord
4) attachments don't fit on the vac so I have to leave them somewhere and come back and get them, which sort of defeats the purpose of the convenience of a canister.


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What attachments does this come with?