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roofis20002003 wrote:wont a wier hanging off your wrist be unfomfortabel?

Either you're Rudolph in disguise, or you've been hitting the sauce a little too heavily.

Several people have mentioned that you can use it without the wired headset attached. I decided to pick up a couple pair for use on vacations (cruises, theme parks, etc.) although it looks as though now I need to investigate FCC licensing for FRS/GPRS radios a little better. Ah, well - something new to learn!

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losvideo wrote:Any word on battery life for these? In standby and talk-time.
Thanks, just bought some.

I bought mine a fair amount of time ago and still haven't recharged them. Granted they've been on standby for all of that time (standby meaning watch mode) and maybe 3 hours talk. FWIW, that has been my experience


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Do you have to push a button to talk?


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foxychicken wrote:Do you have to push a button to talk?

They have a VOX setting, which probably works best with the headset.
VOX = Voice operated switch. So no, with the headsets and the VOX turned on, you shouldnt have to push a button to talk.
It will probably do the VOX without the headset, but then any time a noise is loud enough it will cause the radio to transmit.

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I bought a pair of these from Woot quite a few months ago when they were a non-branded product for $14.99 without the ear piece. They work awesome (at least 2 miles from home while biking).
Battery life is great too with the Lithium ion battery. But they are not water resistant to say the least

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Looks like a nice product to take on vacation to the theme parks. You can latch one onto the older kids and let them wander freely. Unlike conventional walkee talkees these aren't particularly easy to lose.


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Anyone know how long the headset wire is? I've got gorilla arms and wanna make sure my ear doesn't rip off from my head if I have to tie my shoes.


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Excellent Christmas gift!


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lcordio wrote:On 2 for tuesday should I expect 4 of these devices?

no you are getting two like it says, " Two For Tuesday"

Woot count = 70+


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DryEyeWill wrote:Yay! More stuff my kids to break! At least it's cheap! I bought two woots, one for my kids and one for my nephew and niece for xmas! Thank s Woot for this electronic wrists of cabbage!1

LOL I, too, have added to my collection of stuff for my kids to break! I got two sets, one for each of my four kids. I can hear them now at bedtime, plotting their conspiracy. :D


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If you loose the charger can you pick up another one from EBAY?

Its gonna be a lot of slow singing and flower bringing if my burglar alarm starts ringing!!!


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mukjc2 wrote:Are these water proof? up to how deep before they are destroyed?

What would be the point? Last time I tried to speak underwater it didn't work too well.


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damotheboywonder wrote:

What would be the point? Last time I tried to speak underwater it didn't work too well.

Duh... it would help Aquaman talk to the fishes over greater distances...

geez... do we have to spell everything out for you?


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what would happen if you wore one on each wrist?


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psionix666 wrote:what would happen if you wore one on each wrist?

Range shouldn't be a problem, then.

First Woot!


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you know this is a great IDEA!!! I only wish my kids where old enough to do those kind of things with. But trust me, when they are old enough I will surely be getting these for them first thing.


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june price was $17.99 for two


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Nice podcast.. sounds like Nintendo's Punch Out right in the beginning? Ahh, could almost hear the opening bell...


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ScreensAB wrote:I bought the red ones and only one of the f'ers worked. peeing all over tonights woot.

Take the battery out of the one that works, put it in the one that doesn't, take the dead battery and put it into the other radio, charge it up, it will work (if you read and follow the directions)


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Perfect for the boys out in the woods, right? Afterall, boys will be boys.


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Tufflaw wrote:I think I'd feel like an idiot talking into my watch. What if the other person ignores you? Then you're just the crazy person talking to your wrist.

How do we all look with our Bluetooth headsets in our cars, talking away. or worse, out and about, talking to ourselves?

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I got these for my kids a while back. They are nice.


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Because this description is too good to lose...:

Watch and Listen
The jungle loomed tall and dark around Ramon’s makeshift sentry post high in a ceiba tree. If he turned and squinted through the growth behind him, he could just make out the moonlit peaks of a couple of tents half a mile away, the only visible details of the rebel camp he was standing watch over. The screech and buzz of the jungle night rang in his ears. He thought bitter thoughts of the even more bitter coffee in his cup. When all this business finished, when el Presidente was finally deposed and some measure of justice restored to the nation, Ramon would sit in the finest cafe in the capital from morning until night and drown the memories of war with the sweet, strong flavor of real coffee. Until then, he was stuck with this gritty, burnt mud. He wondered idly if the government coffee was any better. Perhaps not – foot soldiers rarely had the best of anything, no matter which side they fought on.

What was that? Through the monkey howls and insect whines, Ramon thought he heard the distant rumble of a large vehicle, like a truck or a personnel carrier. Yes, there was something out there, probably on the road down the hill. Ears locked onto the sound now, Ramon heard it come to a definite stop, followed by hushed but stern voices and what sounded like many men moving through the brush. It could only be a government patrol. A misstep now would mean the end of everything: of the revolution, of every man in the camp, of Ramon himself. He scrambled down the rope ladder as quietly as possible, gently landing on the ground, and tiptoed quickly toward the camp.

“This is number 52474! Danger! Federal troops ascending the northern slope! Evacuate! Over!” Ramon breathlessly whispered into his Bell South 22 Channel FRS/GMRS 2 Way Wristwatch Communicator. He knew it boasted a 1.5 mile hypothetical range on FRS channels 1-4 and GMRS channels 15-22, but would it carry his warning through half a mile of thick forest? “Message received, 52474,” came the reply through Ramon’s headset. “Report to camp immediately for evacuation.”

By the time Ramon got back to the clearing, all the tents were collapsed and packed away, the men already filing through the trees toward the border. The government patrol was disappointed. The revolution was not lost. The people were not defeated. And after many more hard months full of struggle, Ramon had his coffee in the capital.


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10 year old nephew and 12 year old niece,

these are a perfect present for them.!


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Knight717 wrote:Because this description is too good to lose...:

They don't get lost. You have to do some clicking, but they can be found under "the Blog." Along with the Wootcast.

You can also do a variety of saves down to your own drive. Or print them out for late night reading.


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Forth woot! I got 3 of 'em. I'm so looking forward to playing with the kids with them.


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This is kind of a cheep two for tuesday.
I mean you should get two right off the bat, two for tuesday should get you four. What would you do if you had just 1? it would be a overly glorified and slightly useless watch. If you got lucky you could intercept someone elses conversation and then you can be cool enough to talk into your watch!


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As I posted earlier, I've been waiting for another shot at these for use in amateur rocketry. Not the cardboard Estes stuff. The sort that loft 10s of pounds to an altitude of thousands of feet.

My thought is to pack a radio into the electronics bay. I also loft a wireless video camera to downlink streaming video and audio from flights. Now I'll be able to voice annotate the footage as the rocket waits on the pad. Chat to the rocket, as the onboard camera broadcasts the signal to the video receiver.

Later I should be able to use the call tones to help locate the rocket in tall grass. I just toggle the call button as I get near where the rocket was spotted coming down.

That, and being able to have the rocket "talk" to folks as they approach it on the pad or in the field.

"Hey, you. Yes, You! Pick me up. Come on... you know you want to....Bring me back to the flight line...."

"I just flew in from orbit, and boy are my fins tired...."

The Range Safety Officer might not be so amused as he inspects the rocket prior to transport to the launch pads.

"What are you lookin' at, you paranoid pyrogen poker?!"
"Hurry it up, will ya? I've got a flight to catch."


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They call me Bond, James Bond.


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wow....sold out, haha crazy


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The fact that they sold out makes me feel THAT much cooler for buying one!

Forum option changes may take a few minutes. Just relax.


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jessestiller wrote:The fact that they sold out makes me feels THAT much cooler for buying one!

just rind a curly wired earpiece and start your secret mission.

Cheap GPS


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anyone from the 80's..."Kit, where are you?"


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jstrecker wrote:anyone from the 80's..."Kit, where are you?"

nite rider...omg on friday nites heck yeah dat was my little brother's favorite show


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mutz37 wrote:june price was $17.99 for two

I'm sure these are made in China and the Chinese Yuan has been appreciating against the dollar = higher prices for Chinese goods


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markzero wrote:

Was that each, or per pair?

That was for the pair.

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These sold out? Well, crap. I mean, crap!


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jumpball wrote:The two for is two for the price of one. This is two radios for the price of one. Lok at the online pricing, they sell for $25-$30 for ONE radio, so $19.99 for two is better than 2 for 1. Why is that such a difficult concept for everyone to understand?

I have yet to see these radios sold singly in any store. I have also seen similar sets sold for $20-$30 at full retail. Nothing hard to understand here, just think that true "two for" specials should be two separate units which normally are sold separately for the price of one unit. In this case these radios are packaged and sold as a pair so they are one unit. Some sites or ebay retailers may break them apart and sell separately but if you purchased these last time you would know that they are packaged to be sold as a pair.


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soon these will be known as "at&t" 2 Way Wristwatches

Bags of Crap = 3 ------> woot 3.0 is DEAD!!!!


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jumpball wrote:Again - you are missing the point. I dont care that these come two to a box (which they dont, google them yourself and see how many people are selling them as single units) . The point is that they are TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE. So if they come 10 to a box, it doesnt matter. The price is 2 for 1. Again, that concept cant be that difficult to understand - why dont you get it? And the $30 price on Compusa? Its for ONE - not two. Read the description on their site - it says communicator, not communicators

and look here:

two pack

Dude - you are clueless. A few disreputable or greedy retailers may break these apart and sell them individually but they are not packaged that way nor are they designed to be sold that way. The majority of retailers sell these as pairs, as new in the box from the factory, and that box includes 2 radios or one pair = 1 unit. The bottom line is that the inventory woot sells is packaged as 1 pair per unit so to be a true "two for" they should sell you two pairs. Instead they stretch the definition a bit which is mildly irritating to many. Of course these aren't a bad deal, just not an awesome deal.