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Welcome to Woot This Week, where every week we count down five of the coolest/weirdest/craziest items currently for sale on Woot!

And now, without further ado, the top five cool things I found on Woot this week:

5. Fred & Friends Washgloves Puppet, $6.99

Washing the dishes has never been so fun! Or so terrifying! It really all depends on how you feel about puppets.

4. Avalon Oversized LED Wall/Desk Clock, $34.99

Remember that big ol' jerk clock from last week? Well, this clock is the opposite. This clock practically bends over backwards to tell you what time it is. It'll tell you what time it is even if you don't even want to know! It's unavoidable! Someday future generations won't even know how to read clocks that aren't digital like this one and I'm really ok with that.

3. LED Concepts LED Solar Garden Flower Lights, $14.99

Regular flowers are needy and they don't even light up at night. Replace all your regular flowers with these cyborg flower lights so that you don't have to care for them AND your garden will be super bright at night! What more could you want? I mean, probably a lot of things, but in terms of flower-related stuff this is pretty solid.

2. Dunlop Desktop Games, $10.99-$21.99

Sure, these are probably fun to play, but, as any dollhouse enthusiast knows, there's a certain amount of pleasure to be derived just from beholding cute, tiny versions of real-life things. Here's some cute, tiny versions of some otherwise non-cute, non-tiny sports.

1. The Home Decor Items We Love, $16.99-$199.99

We've got a whole host of cool home decor! Maybe you need a neon sign to remind everyone how much ass you kick daily. Maybe you need a hashtag or an apersand to hang on your wall to remind everyone that you're a product of the d1g1t@l @g3. Or maybe you're like me and you just need a safe that looks like a book for your secret part-time detective work. IT'S ALL RIGHT HERE!


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I need one of those glove puppets. For a friend. Well, more of an acquaintance, really. They're lonely. So very lonely.

I'm thinking things over. My brain kind of hurts. So does my heart. Help us say goodbye to Scott, Amy, John, and Laura (Woot writers).