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not a lagoon!!!!! eewww...

(A lagoon is a large pond into which the sewage or effluent from the sewage system flows. Sewage lagoons are also called effluent ponds.)

... you can be so much more
powerful than a lagoon...
like huge swell's in the ocean
or strong roaring rivers
or even fake rapids in a water park.


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That is the third, or less commonly used, definition of "lagoon". When I read the word, I immediately picture something like a scene from the Brooke Shields movie masterpiece, "The Blue Lagoon".

- a stretch of salt water separated from the sea by a low sandbank or coral reef.
- a small freshwater lake near a larger lake or river.
- an artificial pool for the treatment of effluent or to accommodate surface water that overflows drains during heavy rain.
synonyms: bay, inland sea, lake, bight, pool

So perhaps, our poet has visions in which he dedicates his entire being to Brooke Shields and this is the poetic expression of that desire?

Badgeless by choice. I'm freee! Freeee!!


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perhaps, i hope not. Brooke Shields was just 14 years old when she filmed The Blue Lagoon.

i get bored, it's late, i'm bored... so i add stuff on to THE STEAMED DEER: poems. it entertains me, shits and giggles. nothing more to it than that.