Out with the old

This tablet is going to change everything.

4 movie clichés involving paper, rewritten for the Boogie Board Rip 9.5" LCD Writing Tablet:

1. The Tormented Inventor

Then: We see the inventor sitting at his desk scratching his head. He scribbles something onto a piece of paper, but quickly grows angry, crumples it up, and throws it into his trash can, which is overflowing with other such pieces of crumpled paper.

Now: We see the inventor sitting at his desk scratching his head. He scribbles something onto his Boogie Board Rip 9.5" LCD Writing Tablet and then deletes the file. He then turns to the camera and says, "You know how I just deleted that thing? I've done that a lot tonight."

2. The Business Baller

Then: A business man crumples up a piece of paper and shoots it into his trash bin like a basketball player, celebrating when it goes in!

Now: A business man deletes a file on his Boogie Board Rip 9.5" LCD Writing Tablet while making basketball noises like "swish" and "dribbledribbledribble." He celebrates when the file is deleted, which is sad because it's like, what else is going on in this guy's life if that's so cool to him?

3. The Class Prankster 

Then: a boy with his hat on backwards folds a paper airplane and throws it at his nerdy friend to purpose of getting his attention so that the two of them can mime hilarious things back and forth.

Now: a boy with his hat on backwards throws a Boogie Board Rip 9.5" LCD Writing Tablet at his nerdy friend. It connects, breaking his friend's glasses. The boy is suspended from school. When he returns, he is required to talk to the school counselor twice a week.

4. The Phone Number

Then: A guy meets a girl. The girl writes down her number. The guy loses it and then spends the whole movie looking for it, because he knows she's his one true love.

Now: A guy meets a girl. The girl writes down her number on his Boogie Board Rip 9.5" LCD Writing Tablet. The guy saves the file and calls her the next week. They go on a second date. It's pretty, "meh." They don't talk again. Movie is over in, like, twenty minutes.

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The Boogie Board Rip LCD Writing Tablet combines an exceptional paper-like writing experience with the ability to save written or drawn images as files. Connect to a computer and upload files to your PC for editing, organizing, archiving and sharing.

  • Provides a completely electronic medium for creating and preserving notes/drawings
  • Eliminates the burden of unmanageable paper notebooks, notepads, memo pads, and sketch pads
  • Push the erase button after each image is completed and saved to clear your image and start over
  • Push the save/wake button before you begin writing/drawing to 'wake' the tablet, and push it again after your image is complete to record the image to the tablet's internal memory as a PDF
  • Enable the erase lock switch to ensure your image is not accidentally erased
  • The pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface provides extra room for notes and drawings. Also easy to clean and maintain
  • Reduces paper consumption
  • Easily connect the Boogie Board Rip LCD eWriter to your computer with the micro USB port and the USB connection cable (included)
  • Simplifies organization or notes – easily search and find saved files by date/name on your PC
  • The status indicator flashes when the Boogie Board Rip LCD eWriter is awake and ready to save images
  • The Boogie Board Rip LCD eWriter's rechargeable battery lasts more than a week between charges (with typical usage)
  • The stylus (included) features electro-magnetic technology
  • Makes writing, drawing and learning fun

Shipping Note: Eligible for shipping to all 50 states

Warranty: 1 Year Improv Electronics


Materials: Plastic Casing, Plastic Scratch-Resistant LCD, Plastic Stylus
Screen Size: 9.5" LCD
File Type: Vector PDF (editable in Adobe Illustrator)
File Capacity: 200 typical images (8MB)
Charge Life: Standby Time: 60 days; Usage Time: 1 week (typical usage)
Power: Rechargeable (Polymer Lithium Ion)
Compatibility: Windows OS, Mac OS
Dimensions: 7" x 11.1" x 0.5"
Weight: 11.5 oz

Next time you reach for a piece of paper, don't! Use your Boogie Board Rip™ LCD Writing Tablet instead.

  • Jot down meeting/classroom notes
  • Draft essays/e-mails
  • Scribble your signature and upload it for use on electronic forms
  • Create a custom font with your own handwriting
  • Replace your sketchbook
  • Write journal/diary entries
  • Share notes with a client with the Boogie Board Rip App
  • Create custom, printable overhead projector diagrams for classroom instruction
  • Draw pictures for your blog/web site
  • Conceptualize a graphic design
  • Plan an upcoming event

...and more!

In the box:

  • Improv Electronics Boogie Board Rip 9.5" LCD Writing Tablet
  • Stylus
  • USB Cable
  • CD-ROM

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