Lace Heart Accent Adjust Garter with Toss Away Cream

cream, off white
One Size Fits Most
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  • This Victoria Lynn garter set includes one keepsake and one toss away garter. Both are cream with a rhinestone heart embellishment. The keepsake garter has added lace. Adjustable for ensured comfort on the big day! 2 pieces per package.
  • Adjustable sheer ribbon embellished garter includes snaps that customize to XL width
  • Adjustable garter is about 2-1/2 inches wide
  • Throwaway garter is about 3/4 inches wide
  • Packaged in clear acrylic box to protect and store
  • Lovely keepsake item

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Brand:  Darice
Manufacturer:  Darice
Binding:  Kitchen
Package Width:  5.1 inches
Package Height:  1 inches
Package Length:  6.7 inches
Size:  One Size Fits Most
Width:  5.1 inches
Height:  1 inches
Length:  6.5 inches
Color:  cream, off white
Lace Heart Accent Adjust Garter
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