Time for summer junking.

Spring cleaning is over. Now it's time for summer cluttering. Never heard of it? It's simple: you just buy a bunch of stuff to scatter around your home! Maybe you say "But Woot, I don't have any space that needs cluttering." How about the top of your fridge? Or your pristine home office? Imagine how great it would be with more stuff all over the place!


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Hom-Bot is a robot vacuum cleaner that you can schedule to clean your home when you want, whether you're home or not, and it does so quietly. Hom-Bot maps your home so it always knows where it is, and never misses a spot. It even returns to the base and recharges itself. With a smart, seamless, and slim design, Hom-Bot makes cleaning smarter and easier than ever before.

Dirt can't hide from Hom-Bot. It has a powerful main brush for dirt throughout the home and side brushes for edges and corners. The side brushes sweep corners and edges while the main brush picks up heavier dirt and dust. The fan picks up more debris and expands clean air while it also features an efficient air path for hygiene and less noise.

Knows where to clean
With a camera mounted on the bottom, Hom-Bot maps the area around your home as it cleans. It also calculates the optimal cleaning paths to make sure it doesn't miss a spot. Scheduled cleaning (2, 6, 12 hour timer) so your home is spotless when you return home. It even features auto-recharging and will resume cleaning where it left off. Sensors around the side of the vacuum prevent the vacuum from falling down stairs/tables or bumping into walls.

Clean on your schedule
You control when you want Hom-Bot to clean, whether you're going to be home or not. Just set the schedule and Voice Alert announcements will let you know when the cleaning is done.

Quiet clean
While Hom-Bot's cleaning technology makes people take notice, it still manages to clean quietly, thanks to smart design features like insulation that's meant to absorb vibrations and reduce noise. It creates low noise so you can carry on your daily activities without interference – just an incredible 50dB.

Hassle-free charging
The Hom-Bot will automatically return to its dock when it needs recharging, and resume cleaning where it left off after the battery is charged. So you have even less to worry about.

Sensors and movement
Anti-collision optical sensors: while other robots vacuum too far from the walls or have to collide into walls to turn, the Hom-bot automatically recognizes the location of the wall and turns. Also includes stair recognition, edge cleaning, over carpets and under furniture.

Shipping Note: Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is not available for this item

Warranty: 2 Year LG


Floor Type: Bare Floor/Tile/Carpet
Navigation Method: Magellan Mapping
Mapping Algorithm: OFS (Optical Flow Sensor)
Cleaning Modes: 3 Modes (Cell by Cell/Spot/Manual)
Scheduled Cleaning: Yes (up to 2, 6, 12 hours)
Sensors: Vision, Optical Flow, Ultrasonic, Infrared, Gyro, Accelerometer
Stair Recognition: Yes
Easy-to-Empty Dust Bin: Yes
Voice Alert: Yes
Dust Bin Capacity: 0.4L
Battery Type: LiPB
Auto Docking and Recharging: Yes
Auto Power Saving: Yes
Approx Running Time: Up to 90 minutes
Approx Charging Time: Up to 3 hours
Noise Level: 50 dB
Cleaning Pad Width: 7.4" (w/o side brushed) / 14.6" (with side brushes)
Edge Cleaning: Side Brush
Remote Control: Yes
Filter Type: HEPA Filter
Hom-Bot: 18W
Home Station: 23W
Battery: DC 16.8V
Hom-Bot Dimensions: 14.1"(D) x 3.5"(H)
Home Station Dimensions: 8"(W) x 4.9"(H)
Hom-Bot Weight: 7 lbs


In the box:

  • LG LrV590S Hom-Bot 1.0 Robotic Vacuum
  • Home Station
  • Remote Control
  • Dust Bin Filter
  • Side Brush
  • (2) AAA Batteries
  • Brush for Cleaning Filter
  • Operation Manual
  • Quick Start Guide

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LG Hom-Bot 1.0 Robotic Vacuum
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