Nvizio 7 Piece Sunlight Collection Pen Set

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From the Offices of Oates & Hall

Why Do Litigants (Break Each Other’s Heart?)

Hello, I’m Gus Hall. As attorneys, it’s important to us that we’re taken seriously by our clients, legal adversaries, and the judges who hear our arguments. But when my partner Jerry Oates and I came together to form the Law Offices of Oates and Hall, we found ourselves the object of a good amount of juvenile sniggering.

Honestly, we didn’t realize how well-known this pop duo was. Jerry only listens to opera, and had never even heard of them. I suppose we’re lucky Jerry won the coin toss to have his name listed first; it might have been even worse. Getting letterhead printed is more expensive than you might think.

Thank goodness for the NVizio pen set! Jerry and I each have one. It includes a nearly indestructible fountain pen, a smudge-free roller pen with tungsten-carbon ball, an excellently clever “Twista” mechanical pencil, a ball pen that writes on alost any surface, an always-handy folio pen that clips anywhere it’s needed, a stylus pen for LCD screens, and an elegant “Petite Pen,” all in their own handsome storage box.

When either Jerry or I is meeting with a client, and the client makes some Hall-and-Oates remark intended to be humorous, we just take out one of our stylish Nvizio pens and begin silently making notes. This signals to the jokester that he is in the presence of a serious person. Someone with class. Someone around whom it is entirely inappropriate to “yukk it up.” And just like that, we move on from whatever foolish comment the client made, forget about it, change the tone, and get on with the solemn business of contesting his child support order.

Legal matters require a certain sobriety in their handling. That doesn’t mean we at Oates & Hall can’t be friendly. But it does mean we can’t tolerate excessive levity. Honestly, how many times have we been jocularly instructed to “wake [opposing counsel] up before [we] go-go?” That’s not even Hall & Oates. It’s Wham. But even when the jokes are accurate, they undermine the dignity which is essential to our effectiveness as attorneys.

And we can’t go for that. No can do.

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Condition: New


  • The Nvizio Fountain Pen – Strong and Durable. Virtually Indestructible. No more blobbing. Writes superbly smooth in rich continuous flow with a durable stainless steel nib crafted with a 0.8mm Iridium tip. Specially designed twist-n-draw ink refiller enables easy refilling. Includes (2) Water Resistant Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges.
  • The Nvizio Roller Pen – Water Resistant Ink Writes Smudge Free. Tipped with an exquisite Tungsten-carbon ball, it adeptly controls smooth ink flows. Exclusive refills feature patented ink that is water resistant, smudge and mess free.
  • The Nvizio Twista Pencil - classic Pencil with a Twist! Twist-n-turn mechanism immaculately extends lead swiftly and smoothly. Complimented with an eraser and a thick 0.9mm non-toxic lead that is also break resistant. Built in compartment not only holds extra refills, but also keeps them in good condition.
  • The Nvizio Ball Pen - Features a characteristic yet reliable oil-based ink that writes smoothly every time and time. It's so versatile it writes on almost any surface. Each quality refill writes up to 1000 meters.
  • The Nvizio Folio Pen – Always Handy, Always Ready! Its small design is perfectly sized to complement your every need, every occasion or any implements. Clips readily onto any organizer, folder, book, bag… you name it.
  • The Nvizio Stylus Pen – Ultimate Accessory for the Techno-Savvy! Features a precisely shaped tip that points or glides smoothly while leaving no marks or scratches on LCD Screens. Perfectly sized to complement your hand held electronic device while maintaining a comfortable snug grip.
  • The Nvizio Petite Pen – Trendily Slim and Sassy! The only clip free mini pen that professes a streamline profile exuding style and elegance . Slips readily into a purse pouch, pocket, clutch bag or any tight spaces.
  • Includes Storage/Gift Box

In the box:

  • (1) Nvizio 7 Piece Sunlight Collection Pen Set with Storage Box


Nvizio 7 Piece Sunlight Collection Pen Set

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Nvizio 7 Piece Sunlight Collection Pen Set
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