Survival Adaptation

Okay, adorable chihuahua. If you keep trying to snuggle me I’m never going to enjoy the great outdoors.

So let’s compromise. You can stay with me, and I’ll use my SOG FastHawk Camping Set to build you a little cage. It’s easy, and simple, and then I’ll be able to get on with my relaxing weekend… which wasn’t supposed to involve you climbing up in my lap and licking my head. Down, chihuahua, down.

Okay, fine. You can stand and stare at me while I’m using the SOG FastHawk to to chop these logs and hammer them together to form the frame. That’s what a SOG FastHawk does, you know. Hammers, pierces, pries, notches, anything you might want while out in the woods, this FastHawk can handle. NO, don’t chew the end of it, are you crazy? Are you cwazy you widdle monstaw?

Fine, then, sit in my lap while I whittle these twigs down, with my SEAL specification Revolver blade. This thumb rest makes it simpler to handle the the glass-reinforced nylon keeps it strong, and razor sharp! But don’t get too close, because I don’t want you finding the surprise survival saw in the handle. It’s okay for me, I’m a human. But you’re just a dog! A tiny dog! You don’t know how to do anything but be cute!

Well, there we go. All done. Now get in there and… hey, don’t look so sad. You have to be in that cage! Otherwise you’d get in the way while I was digging with my fold-up Entrenching Tool. Don’t give me that look! This way, I can make a quick hole for a latrine or maybe a fire pit, and you don’t have to get in the way, as you try to get my undivided attention… aww! AWWWW! YOU’RE SO CUTE! I can’t lock you in a cage. C’mon out, little dog. I’ll fold up my SOG FastHawk Camping Set and we’ll drive back into town and get some treats. Yeah! Yeah we will! We will get you treats! Awww, what a good chihuahua you are, awwww.

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Warranty: 1 Year SOG

Condition: New

FastHawk Features:

  • The SOG FastHawk is faster, lighter, more agile, and easier to carry than its sibling the Tactical Tomahawk—This is not to say it is not still powerful, versatile, and functional
  • Chopping, breaking, cutting, hammering, piercing, digging, prying, pounding, shaving, notching, opening and throwing are all capabilities well within the FastHawk’s reach
  • 420 stainless steel head with a Hardcased black coating
  • Ballistic polymer handle with heavy-duty bolts and a steel ferrule to insure the strongest integrity
  • Side hammer checkering insures precision placement when swinging
  • Carried in a nylon sheath that can be mounted to belt, backpack, or gear
FastHawk Specifications
Blade Length: 2” x .26”
Overall Length: 12.5”
Weight: 19 oz.
Edge: Straight
Steel: 420
HRC: 51-53
Handle: Fiberglass/Nylon
Finish: Hardcased Black
Sheath: Nylon


Revolver – Seal Features:

  • The SEAL Revolver comes standard with a new look in blade shape that is not only functional, but distinctive
  • A survival saw serves as a backup in the handle
  • The blade features a forward thumb rest for increased dexterity and downward pressure
  • Glass-reinforced nylon (GRN) handle hides the stainless steel liners which ensure strength and quality
  • As always, SOG edges are razor sharp
  • Includes Nylon sheath
Revolver – Seal Specifications
Blade Length: 4.75” x .15”
Overall Length: 10”
Weight: 6.0 oz.
Edge: Partially Serrated / Double Tooth Saw
Steel: 440A
HRC: 56-58
Handle: GRN
Finish: Hardcased Black TiNi
Sheath: Nylon


Entrenching Tool Features:

  • A folding shovel can be an indispensable tool in today’s constantly changing environment
  • All steel construction entrenching tool uses a tempered steel blade with teeth cut into it for cutting and slashing
  • The triangular handle is strong and fits the hand well
  • Folded, it takes up about the same space as a stack of paper plates
Entrenching Tool Specifications
Length: 18.25”
Closed Length: 7.25”
Weight: 24.5 oz.
Edge: Straight
Steel: High Carbon
Handle: Steel
Finish: Black Powder Coated
Sheath: Nylon


In the box:

(1) SOG CK-22 FastHawk Camping Set includes:

  • FastHawk, F06T-N with Nylon Sheath
  • Revolver – Seal, FX-21 with Nylon Sheath
  • Entrenching Tool, F08 with Nylon Sheath



SOG FastHawk, F06T-N
SOG Revolver – Seal, FX-21
SOG Entrenching Tool, F08

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