iRig: Like Carrying Sgt Pepper In Your Pants

Dylan did electric, The Beatles did studio tricks, Grandmaster Flash did scratching, Biz Markie did the sampling lawsuit. And now you, person reading this, are about to unlock the glory within your iOS device. Gear and apps, person reading this, can change the world. The rock gods demand it of you.
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Ends on November 23 at 9AM CT

About IK Multimedia

Hey, you know what? It doesn't matter. That's right! It doesn't matter! IK Multimedia is, of course, a forward-thinking company trying to make cool products, but are they going to be there when you record your first major hit? No! Are they going to be there when you go on tour? No (unless they buy a ticket)! And are they going to take credit when you go double platinum? No WAY! So who cares what they're up to? What's important is what YOU do what with they sell.
IK Multimedia official site