How do you turn a boring, old flat surface into a svelte, athletic flat surface? With a workout mat, that's how! That's right! We're selling mats! Tons and tons of mats! Mats for everything, from Pilates to yoga to exercises for expecting mothers. So c'mon in, and see what TRAINERbrands has to offer you!
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About TRAINERmat

When you think about fitness products, it's easy to overlook the humble mat. But that's not a mistake the mat-obsessed folks at TRAINERmat make. Maybe that's why their eco-friendly fitness mats are used by Lance Armstrong, Paula Abdul, model Brooklyn Decker, Indy driver Danica Partick, and actors Luke Wilson, Samuel L. Jackson, Will Ferrell, Zac Efron, Misty May Treanor, Natalie Gulbis and Ashley Greene - although probably not, like, in the same room all at once. That would be awesome to see, though.
TRAINERbrands official homepage