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Stand on the Vanguard! No, no, wait, don't, that was just a figure of speech. These Vanguard Optics items are for the eyes, not the feet. Look through them instead. Look through the Vanguard! Yeah, there we go, that's much better.
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Ends on November 1 at 9AM CT

About Vanguard Sporting Optics

Knock, Knock. Who's there? Bi Knocks! That's just one of the jokes that you'll hear around the Vanguard Sporting Optics offices. And that's why the team at Vanguard make some of the very best binoculars in the world. So that they can see their jokesters coming from a long way away. You can only hear that Knock, Knock joke so many times before you go mad.
Vanguard Sporting Optics official site