Gear Pro 720p or 1080p Sport Action Cam

by wootbot

The Miracle of HD Video

Of course I don't remember being born. That's why I'm glad I was wearing a Gear Pro camera when it happened.

People make videos of so many important moments in their lives. Why not the most important one? Thanks to my Gear Pro Action Camcorder and the foresight of my parents, I've got a hi-def fetus's-eye view of my own birth! I can relive the moment that started it all just as easily as I relive my greatest moments spent mountain biking, water-skiing, and skateboarding.

The compact, lightweight cam won't bog you down when you're racing down a hillside or squeezing through a birth canal. The included case protects the camera from any fluids you might encounter during a high-speed roar around the lake, or your own labor and delivery. It's a great way to share the thrills with all my friends.

If I could get any friends to watch the birth video, that is. For some reason, nobody ever wants to see that one.