HP 14" Dual-Core i5 ProBook

by wootbot

Fantasy Laptops For Real

ProBook: the best computers that don't go to the SuperBook.

Don't mix up this HP ProBook with the Pro Bowl. Despite its similarity in name to that underwhelming, unnecessary mockery of a football game, the HP ProBook is totally whelming and somewhat necessary if you need a laptop! Use this handy guide to tell them apart:

Pro Bowl: an all-expenses-paid week in Hawaii to hang out with your colleagues.
ProBook: access to virtually hundreds of photos of Hawaii via the Internet.

Pro Bowl: Hall of Fame superstars Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders served as celebrity coaches for this year's game.
ProBook: Hall of Fame superstars Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders have probably used computers very much like this one, with a keyboard, monitor, power cable, etc.

Pro Bowl: standard-issue blue and white uniforms.
ProBook: standard-issue silver and black casing, plus you could put stickers on it.

Pro Bowl: if your player contract stipulates so, you could earn big financial bonuses for being selected to the team.
ProBook: if your purchase receipt stipulates so, you could receive a BRAND NEW CAR! (Your purchase receipt will not stipulate this.)