NFL Swirl Straw Tumbler - 19 Teams

by wootbot

Draught Day

Get 'em now for the big party: only a few more months until the NFL draft!

No, these NFL swirl-straw tumblers won't arrive in time for the Big Special Game With The Trademarked Name this weekend. But what do you care, really? Chances are 15 in 16 that your team is out of it by now. Whatever feelings you have about the game are based on which if the teams you hate more, or your assessment of the character of Peyton Manning or Richard Sherman: two people you will never meet, so your judgments say more about your personal issues than about them. Um... go, team?

But even the league's chumps, suckers, and patsies have something to look forward to this May, when the worst shall pick first and the best shall pick the rest. And if you live or die by one of the 19 teams whose logos adorn these cups, start swirling! There's no better way to root on the hometown scouts, stat geeks, and player development executives than by slurping your favorite libations through a color-coordinated curly straw.

Not that we would know first-hand. You ever try to sit through an NFL draft broadcast? Zzzzzz.....