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No, that’s not a new-school Cylon, that’s an old-school AI! When we heard there was a Knight Rider festival in Las Vegas, Nevada, we ran right to our bosses and begged them to let the whole creative group go and observe. Of course, we were told it wasn’t cost effective. Which is why they sent our developer group instead.


While we were at home with our regular non-talking cars, these lucky jerks were spending a full day enjoying all the excitement of Knight Rider Day, a once-in-a-lifetime event. Possibly because nobody really cares about going a second time.


Here we see the official paperwork which started off Knight Rider Day. Even now it rests in the Smithsonian, probably between the paperwork for “Dynamite Sweathog Week” and “Freaky Ferengi February”. They really should get around to alphabetizing that place.


With a counterfeit pass in hand, Andrew was able to squander millions of actual, sellable photo opportunities and choose only the most ridiculous of shots to present to our readership. And we couldn’t be prouder of what he accomplished in our name.


We’ll be recapping their trip to Knight Rider Day over the next week or so. "Knightly," you might say, if you're somehow not yet dreading all of the upcoming puns. See you then!

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Not a Cylon? I and Kris Straub beg to differ.



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WootBot wrote:We’ll be recapping their trip to Knight Rider Day over the next week or so.

so, essentially, what other people got done in a day, you'll be accomplishing in a week?


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Actually, I agree that KITT is in fact a Cylon.

Both shows (Knight Rider and the 70's Battlestar) were written by Glen A. Larson, who has openly admitted to KITT's 'hearbeat' light being taken directly from the old school toasters.



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They've started posting Knight Rider episodes on Hulu: Yay!

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