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Tuesday, April 17

The Real Actual Historical Archive of Real Actual Field Tests

by Matthew Norman

Heads up, Real Actual Field Test fans! You might have missed this weekend's super special bonus Wootcast video. It was hiding out over on the main page of Sellout.Woot, where you probably wouldn't have expected to find an installment of Real Actual Field Tests -- especially on a Saturday! But here's your chance to get caught up. Watch as our Real Actual Field Test team gets "in the mix," heh, heh, with a couple Vortex portable liquid-combiners!

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Thursday, November 10

Crocsploitation Cinema: The Crocophile Watches ALLIGATOR (1980)

by Matthew Norman

That’s right, it’s week three of Crocsploitation Cinema, our salute to cinematic crocodilian anthropophagy! What, you thought the total lack of reader interest could dissuade us from this project? Think again, because this here is a labor of love. On with the man-eating crocodilian flicks!

This week’s picture: Alligator (1980)

In this classic b-flick, a father flushes his girl’s unwanted pet baby gator Ramon into the sewer, where it lives for years, growing humongous on a diet of chemically enhanced dog corpses dumped there by a shady animal experimentation lab. This monster movie masterpiece was scripted by John Sayles, now better known for politically-minded pictures (Matewan, Men With Guns, Silver City) with almost no giant alligator attack scenes in them...

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Monday, October 31

Woot Watches Wideos: Matthew Norman's Five Scariest Movies That He's Never Seen

by Matthew Norman

All last week and concluding today, the Woot writers are each writing about the movies that scare them the most. Today on Halloween, Matthew Norman talks about five frightening flicks that managed to scare the bejesus out of him even though he's never really seen them

(WARNING: Some of the following trailers may be slightly NSFW. Watch... but at your own risk!)

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Thursday, October 27

Crocsploitation Cinema: The Crocophile Watches PRIMEVAL (2007)

by Matthew Norman

It’s time for the second installment in what I swear to Tabaldak is going to be a weekly series of articles about man-eating crocodile movies, no matter how unenthusiastic the reader response!

This week’s picture: Primeval (2007)

Very loosely based on the true story of Gustave, a huge killer crocodile still living (oops, spoiler) in Burundi, this film also packs a dopey, facile “political” message, inspiring the Onion’s AV Club to call it “the Blood Diamond of 25-foot-killer-crocodile movies”…

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Thursday, October 20

Crocsploitation Cinema: The Crocophile Watches ROGUE (2007)

by Matthew Norman

Welcome, gentle reader, to the first in a weekly series of articles exploring the world of anthropophagic crocodilian cinema. Man-eating 'gator movies, that is.

Starting today, and continuing until I run out of movies (or enthusiasm, whichever comes first), we’ll take a look at a different selection every Thursday from what might be filmdom’s most underrated genre. It’s gonna be a croco-dilly, yo!

This week’s picture: Rogue (2007).

In this tense little gnasher, a sightseeing cruise in Australia’s Northern Territory turns into a supper buffet for a giant croc. You’d have to say it’s not an especially g’day for outback tourism! Well, okay, you wouldn’t have to...

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Wednesday, August 17

Wootcast Casting Call: Dogs In Clothes Needed In Seattle Next Monday

by Matthew Norman

Seattleites: Is there a tiny dog in your family? Does it sometimes wear a sweater, rain jacket, tuxedo, football jersey, or other clothing?

Consider dressing it up and bringing it to Regrade Park downtown at 3rd Avenue & Bell Street next Monday, August 22nd! We’ll be recording some video footage for a future Woot Video podcast—and your little mutt could be America's next top ecommerce web video star!

WHAT: Dogs on Film
WHERE: Regrade Park, downtown Seattle
WHEN: Monday, August 22nd, 11:00 AM

Hope to see you — and your dolled-up dog — there!

Photo: Buddy the Puggy in his Benny Polo by Flickr user Eco-Pup. Used under a Creative Commons License.

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Friday, June 03

Video Weird America: Jester What You Always Wanted Edition

by Matthew Norman

Some people do counted cross-stitch. Some paint D&D minis. Woot forum favorite SBCJester21 makes some of the oddest videos ever seen. Conventional wisdom says it’s good to cultivate a hobby, but we think SBCJester might have been wise to consult a lawyer before deciding to take up video-blogging. Imagine what a treasure trove his video archives will make for some prosecutor one day.

You remember the “Inception” video he made, featuring Vladimir the Irradiated Woot Money, right? And his video of Vladimir opening his Bag O’ Crap?

Well, steel yourself for more. Because went about a month ago, SBCJester21 (and Vladimir) to Penguicon, the Detroit area’s premiere sci-f-/Linux crossover convention—and all we got was this strange, strange video. Be warned, parts of it are probably not fit for all workplaces. And all of it will probably warp your brain.

Thanks, SBCJester! Now what about the rest of you weirdos? Taken any videos we should see? (Or any videos we SHOULDN’T?) Tell us about them in the comments below.

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Wednesday, May 25

Mid-Week Ho-Ho-Hoedown: Seven Mood-Enhancing Country Novelty Tunes

by Matthew Norman

There may be no surer way to hoist sagging spirits than to relax with a little lighthearted country music. Just in time to cure the mid-week blues, we’ve assembled this collection of feel-good videos featuring hi-larious hayseeds doin’ their thing. Enjoy!

01. Let’s start with the late, great David “Stringbean” Akeman. I challenge the sourest-puss among you to find a way to fail to enjoy this toe-tapping gut-pluck-a-picker of a number, “Herding Cattle.”

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