Monday, January 02

Music Monday: New

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Today is the first Monday of the New Year. In celebration, Scott's done a post full of new-themed songs. Join in, have fun, celebrate the start of something new!

Kirsty McColl - A New England


This is, of course, a Billy Bragg cover, but the jangly guitar and wistful lyrics of this version really captures what January always feels like to me. There's still the feelings of the old year mixed with the knowledge that something else is coming. Even if we disagree what that something is, we all want it to be good. That's gotta count for something, right?

Let's all face this New Year together! More songs to come.

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Tuesday, December 27


Monday, December 19

Music Monday: The Last RIP

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday!

Leonard Cohen - Closing Time


This was the first Leonard Cohen song I ever heard. It was on my campus radio station and I thought WHAT THE HELL IS THIS WONDERFUL THING and I waited for three more songs to hear the artist's name. And then I walked to the record store and bought the record, and another, and another. It's not everyday music, but when it's the right time, it's perfect. I hope the man rests in peace, but I'm glad the music remains.

Still more RIP. Sadly. What a hell of a year.

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Friday, December 16

Flash Deals ON HIATUS

by Scott Lydon


Many of you might have noticed our previous blog post about our Flash Deals sale. Well, guess what? We sold out! We sold out of EVERYTHING! The Flash Deals experiment was such as success we finished faster than we even expected! HOORAY FOR YOU and to a lesser extent us!

So what happens next? Well, first our Flash Deals take a little break as we review what we've learned and consider how to make it better. To that end, you might be getting a little email questionnaire in the next week or so. We hope you'll fill it out honestly so we can know what was good and what was bad.

After that, keep one eye peeled. Because, before too long, you might just see our friends the Flash Deals right back on Woot again!

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Monday, December 12

Music Monday: Frank Sinatra

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Today Scott's paying tribute to the man who's still the standard of white guy cool, Mr. Frank Sinatra. Scott's picked five songs he really enjoys, but he's also got a little reading recommendation. As you listen, click here and read one of the best Sinatra articles ever written.

Frank Sinatra - In The Wee Small Hours


Sinatra was born on this day in 1915. That's over a hundred years ago. That means, for roughly a century, we've been talking about Frank Sinatra. What's even left to say? Today I encourage you to find your own special place within the music Sinatra left us.

Four more, comin' right up.

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Monday, December 05

Music Monday: Happy Birthday JJ Cale

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! JJ Cale is one of those artists that is all but invisible by name, but has somehow overlapped all the major rock figures. Today Scott's gathered five songs that JJ Cale had a hand in writing. You've certainly heard his work before, even if you don't yet know you have.

Eric Clapton - Cocaine


This ode to the troubles of the rock star drug is best known as an Eric Clapton song. But before it belonged to him, it belonged to JJ Cale. Just goes to show. Cocaine isn't the monogamous sort.

Oh, but that's not all! More JJ Cale songs to come.

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Monday, November 28

Music Monday: Happy Birthday Randy Newman

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! It's sorta weird just how much music has been given the Randy Newman touch over the years. Sure, we all know the big hits but do we all know the hits he's written? If we do, Scott's birthday tribute to Mr. Newman will just be a fun walk down memory lane. But if we don't, well, we might be about to learn a thing or two.

Peggy Lee - Is That All There Is?


Depressing? Sure. Sardonic? Of course? Is this song right up there with MacArthur Park on the list of things Scott wants to forget? Damn straight! But there's a real chance you didn't know that a young Randy Newman was doing the orchestral arrangement. Which, as you can hear, is quite nice overall. Especially when compared to the lyrics.

Even more deep cuts comin' up. Then it'll be your turn!

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Monday, November 21

Welcome Flash Deals, Hurrah, Hurrah

by Scott Lydon

SO HERE'S THE DEAL,EVERYONE. Right now, you might be noticing something appearing in the corner of the site. You might be noticing that a page like this is visible. You might be noticing the something is calling itself "Woot Flash Deals" as it sits there all smug and discounted. You might even be wondering what this something is all about. WELL, WONDER NO MORE!


The Woot Flash Deals are, plain and simple, stuff our cyborgs are borrowing from Amazon Overstock and marking down about 30% to 40%. That's right. You've got a chance to get all kinds of things for 30% to 40% cheaper than you did before. What's the catch? Only one: you've gotta be QUICK ABOUT IT as each Woot Flash Deal has a limited supply. When it's gone, it's gone, and that's that. Also some of the product details might be missing because our cyborgs are still in beta and learning what's important. Pretend you see that "Under Construction" gif that was everywhere back in 1999.

In the meantime, do your part to help our cyborgs justify their post-human business decisions. Consume their offerings. Embetter yourself. Embetter your world. FLASH WILL SAVE EVERY ONE OF US.

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Music Monday: 1987

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! 1987 was a very special year in music. A lot of cool things had started, but nobody would learn about those things for another five years. A lot of cool things had ended, but nobody had yet noticed they had gone. The world was so different compared to now, and yet, the seeds of now were being planted. Scott's picked five of his favorite pop hits. See if you agree or disagree!

T'Pau - Heart & Soul


In 1987 only the coolest people knew that T'Pau was a Star Trek reference. Today, in the rebooted continuity, it might not even be a reference at all! That jerkface Romulan time traveller really hurt us all, didn't he?

More of Scott's favorite 1987 hits to come. And then, it's your turn to get all 1987 about things.

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Monday, November 14

Music Monday: Ray Charles

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Today, for a barely-passible reason, Scott's gonna pay tribute to Ray Charles. But let us be honest here, does one really NEED a reason to play a little Ray Charles?

Ray Charles - Georgia On My Mind


On November 14th, 1960, this cover went to Number One on the charts. On November 14th, 1961, Ray Charles was arrested on a narcotics charge. Balanced between those two you're looking at the entire story of Ray Charles. Back then maybe it was kind of a scandal. Today it's just something you've gotta expect from a genius. And it's not possible to apply any other word to Ray Charles.

More to come, for which you should all be thankful. IT'S JUST SO GOOD

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