Monday, November 28

Music Monday: Happy Birthday Randy Newman

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! It's sorta weird just how much music has been given the Randy Newman touch over the years. Sure, we all know the big hits but do we all know the hits he's written? If we do, Scott's birthday tribute to Mr. Newman will just be a fun walk down memory lane. But if we don't, well, we might be about to learn a thing or two.

Peggy Lee - Is That All There Is?


Depressing? Sure. Sardonic? Of course? Is this song right up there with MacArthur Park on the list of things Scott wants to forget? Damn straight! But there's a real chance you didn't know that a young Randy Newman was doing the orchestral arrangement. Which, as you can hear, is quite nice overall. Especially when compared to the lyrics.

Even more deep cuts comin' up. Then it'll be your turn!

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Monday, November 21

Welcome Flash Deals, Hurrah, Hurrah

by Scott Lydon

SO HERE'S THE DEAL,EVERYONE. Right now, you might be noticing something appearing in the corner of the site. You might be noticing that a page like this is visible. You might be noticing the something is calling itself "Woot Flash Deals" as it sits there all smug and discounted. You might even be wondering what this something is all about. WELL, WONDER NO MORE!


The Woot Flash Deals are, plain and simple, stuff our cyborgs are borrowing from Amazon Overstock and marking down about 30% to 40%. That's right. You've got a chance to get all kinds of things for 30% to 40% cheaper than you did before. What's the catch? Only one: you've gotta be QUICK ABOUT IT as each Woot Flash Deal has a limited supply. When it's gone, it's gone, and that's that. Also some of the product details might be missing because our cyborgs are still in beta and learning what's important. Pretend you see that "Under Construction" gif that was everywhere back in 1999.

In the meantime, do your part to help our cyborgs justify their post-human business decisions. Consume their offerings. Embetter yourself. Embetter your world. FLASH WILL SAVE EVERY ONE OF US.

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Music Monday: 1987

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! 1987 was a very special year in music. A lot of cool things had started, but nobody would learn about those things for another five years. A lot of cool things had ended, but nobody had yet noticed they had gone. The world was so different compared to now, and yet, the seeds of now were being planted. Scott's picked five of his favorite pop hits. See if you agree or disagree!

T'Pau - Heart & Soul


In 1987 only the coolest people knew that T'Pau was a Star Trek reference. Today, in the rebooted continuity, it might not even be a reference at all! That jerkface Romulan time traveller really hurt us all, didn't he?

More of Scott's favorite 1987 hits to come. And then, it's your turn to get all 1987 about things.

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Monday, November 14

Music Monday: Ray Charles

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Today, for a barely-passible reason, Scott's gonna pay tribute to Ray Charles. But let us be honest here, does one really NEED a reason to play a little Ray Charles?

Ray Charles - Georgia On My Mind


On November 14th, 1960, this cover went to Number One on the charts. On November 14th, 1961, Ray Charles was arrested on a narcotics charge. Balanced between those two you're looking at the entire story of Ray Charles. Back then maybe it was kind of a scandal. Today it's just something you've gotta expect from a genius. And it's not possible to apply any other word to Ray Charles.

More to come, for which you should all be thankful. IT'S JUST SO GOOD

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Thursday, November 10


by Scott Lydon

Hey, can you see this? If you can, post I CAN SEE THIS in the forums! You won't get anything but you'll get that warm feeling that comes from making the creative team real mad that something went wrong with an experiment. THANKS WE LOVE YOU <3<3<3

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Monday, November 07

Music Monday: Brand New Lovers

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! There have been so many deaths this year that Scott has just given up doing RIP posts, but you may notice that today's Music Monday was inspired by the late Pete Burns, lead singer of Dead Or Alive. Today is a collection of songs all about that nagging human need to find something better, even when you've got it good.

Dead Or Alive - Brand New Lover


Pete Burns had a hard life, then a good life, then a hard life. But he channeled some of that pain and anguish into making some great pop songs, as you can hear above. RIP Pete. Thanks for the fun.

Four more and then it will be YOUR turn!

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Monday, October 31

Music Monday: Boo!

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! And HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Today Scott's just picked a few songs that are rockin'-yet-scary. We hope you join in with the rock or the scare as you see fit. BOOOOOOO.

Horrorpops - Ghouls


The fusion between scary, punk rock and '50s rockabilly happened a long long time ago. Even still, it's rare to see someone haul a giant double bass on stage for a rock show! The idea of carrying that around on tour is the scariest part of this song for me.

More terror to come, and then it'll be YOUR TURN.

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Monday, October 24

Music Monday: Cartoon Bands

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! For many of us, rock was something holy. And for others, it was something that you could find on childhood TV. Today Scott's exploring the latter, and taking a look at the cartoons who decided to be rock stars.

Alvin & The Chipmunks - Good Girls Don't


You're gonna find a lot of Chimpmunk fakes out there today, but once upon a time, speeding things up was real cutting-edge stuff. This honest-to-goodness Chipmunks song was sort of a "Why not" kinda joke from the son of the original Dave Seville, Ross Bagdasarian, Sr. Ross Jr. might have been amazed to learn how many people still loved the Chipmunks, but he was quick to make the most of it. And, today, the Chipmunk empire reigns over all others. I wonder if they ever got that hula hoop.

More to come, and boy, are they memorable.

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Monday, October 17

Music Monday: RIP Prince Buster

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! We've lost so many music legends in 2016 that we stopped doing RIP posts because we couldn't keep up. Seriously. But he's making a small exception for this week, to recap Prince Buster and the bands influenced by his ska.

Prince Buster - Judge Dread


I once saw The Specials do their tribute to this song live. They ended by asking an audience member to play the jury. The audience member shouted I SENTENCE HIM TO A SIX PACK AND A BUS TICKET and the whole band started laughing. I wouldn't have that fantastic memory without Prince Buster's hard work creating this song. I also wouldn't have comic book tough guy Judge Dredd, who was named after this song. As you can see, Prince Buster's pretty important to modern culture.

Prince Buster did so much cool stuff it can't all fit into one Music Monday. But there's still more to come.

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