Monday, September 05

Music Monday: A Girl Like You

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! There are a lot of different topics in the world, but music keeps coming back to a few over and over again. Today Scott's found five songs that all share the same title, but take a drastically different approach to execution. Check 'em out. You've probably heard a few.

The Smithereens - A Girl Like You


There isn't a lot to say today, because it's really the music that's doing the talking. So I encourage you to listen to all the songs and enjoy how they change. Obviously, we start here with a power-pop hit. So catchy!

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Monday, August 29

Music Monday: Classic Trax

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Today we celebrate all those songs that we're amazed ever existed! Who knew so many different bands recorded together in secret? Here's a great example of what we mean right now:

Alice Cooper and Body Count - Law & Order

Ice T's rock band still tours even today, mixing street smarts with metal strings. The horror-rock pioneer was a perfect fit for their unusual style. I personally missed a chance to see this when I was in college, and I kinda regret it now.

Four more to come! And then a few words at the end, of course. Maybe you've already guessed what they'll be.

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Monday, August 22


Friday, August 19


Monday, August 15

Music Monday: The Devil

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Today we celebrate the seasonably warm weather with a salute to the dark force of the hottest place in the Universe: The Devil! In music, of course, The Devil means something very different than in religion. In fact, the devil doesn't always mean the same thing between different songs! One Devil isn't always the other Devil, if you follow us. And if you don't, you will when you finish today's Music Monday.

Iron Maiden - Number Of The Beast


Iron Maiden's Devil is the Devil from a horror story. This the the jump-scare Devil that comes from camp-outs and old wives' tales. Even though they took flack for being scary Satanists, this song is really more cautionary. There are bad things in the woods, and if you get too close, you might be taken against your will.

More Deviltry to come!

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Monday, August 08

Music Monday: Beach Party

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! A good ol' fashioned beach party is a summer tradition. It doesn't even matter if you're in a landlocked state. Find some sand, pour out some water near it, and you've got all you need to beach party the day away while blasting all these tunes! Come on, every body! Let's make it happne!

The Jamies - Summertime, Summertime


This lovely song is structured like a hymn. And in a way, it is! What kid doesn't know the feelings of finally reaching summer and having nothing to do for three whole months? If that's not a religious experience I don't know what is.

More beach party to come! Stay away from the undertow!

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Tuesday, August 02

Becoming A Better Who Fan

by Scott Lydon

Hi! My name is Scott, and I've been a D.R. Who fan for over twenty years! I've designed a short quiz as an attempt to make you a better D.R. Who fan like me. As with all D.R. Who-related quizzes, there's no pressure here, but if you get even one question wrong, you have to stop watching the show forever. Okay? Okay! So let's go!

QUIZ QUESTION ONE: What one thing do all the greatest D.R. Who villains have in common?


That's right! All D.R. Who villains stay on the left of the screen in a group of three! This is a fast way for you, the viewer, to tell which characters are truly cool. If they're not in a group of three, or they appear on the right of the screen, pay them no mind. That's just the producers way of saying "Hey, we made these characters in a rush and they don't count." But that was an easy one. Get ready for Question Two...

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Monday, August 01

Music Monday: Jokes (Mostly Dirty)

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! The truth is, we've all laughed at a dirty joke at least once. Today Scott's gathered a variety of songs based on off-color humor. Offensive? Maybe. Exciting? Absolutely.

NSFW Mighty Sparrow - Castro Eating A Banana


If you can't make out the lyrics behind the fun fun music, here's the summary: a woman tries to stop children from looking at a photo of Fidel Castro eating a banana because she thinks it's pornography. That's the level of humor we're gonna explore today. More inside.

See you after the jump, if you care to debase yourself with us.

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Friday, July 29