3M HD Camcorder Projector

by wootbot

Project: Project

Spread out! Now you can watch the videos I shoot without getting all up in my business!

I love shooting and sharing casual videos almost as much as I hate human contact. It's gross. It just is. When people crowd around me with their hair and their smells and their weird skin bumps - I'm sorry, I have to stop talking about it before I get sick. What's almost as bad is when people borrow my camera or phone to watch the videos I shot, then hand it back all smudgy with their finger oils. I want to be, like, "ugh, keep it." But, you know, cameras and phones are expensive.

With its ability to both shoot and project videos, the 3M Shoot 'n Share HD Camcorder/Projector lets me share videos with my friends without sharing their nauseating bodily secretions. Just about any light-colored surface becomes a projector screen, with a projected image of up to 65". Not only does it project the videos it shoots, but you can hook it up to a computer or gaming system and project that, too. Most of all, though, I'm glad the 3M Shoot 'n Share HD Camcorder/Projector keeps my admirers at arm's length. I'd love to touch you with my video artistry - just don't make me actually touch you.