3M MP220 WSVGA LED Mobile Projector

by wootbot

MMMobile Projector

When buying a mobile projector, it's best to go with a company you trust: like that one that makes Scotch tape!

Debating if you should buy this 3M MP220 WSVGA LED Mobile Projector and/or its accessories? We recommend you think back to the many times you've used 3M tape.

After all, if 3M could hold your posters on the walls, then surely a projector would be able to project images on the walls with just as much ease.

And if 3M could help you wrap gifts so that they look elegant and presentable when handing them to friends and family, then surely this projector also has excellent presentation ability.

And if you've ever used a roll of 3M tape, you know that while it may look like a small roll on the outside, that tape is actually very long, so if 3M can pack so much tape into such a small package, surely they can pack a lot of projecting power into a small package as well.

So if you're trying to think of a way to decide between mobile projectors, we can't think of one we'd rather own than the one made by a company that makes tape. Don't you want a mobile projector that you can stick with (geddit!?) for years to come?