800TC Pleated-Hem Sheet Set-4 Sizes-6 Colors

by wootbot


Don't deplete. Re-pleat.

It makes sense that you want pleated sheets. After all, you work all day, come home, cook dinner, watch some TV, how do you feel? You feel lonely, sad, helpless, frustrated with your dead end career, embarrassed that you thought you'd live up to the ridiculous dreams of your younger self, so absolutely alone in the world. And also, tired, wiped out, dead...


And how do you counter depletion? With some straight-up PLEATS, the kind found in these super comfortable 800 thread count sheets! It makes sense, right? Think about it: your bike tire gets deflated, so what do you do? You flate it back up again. And what do you say about someone who goes along with everything, someone who's never defiant? You say they're "fiant." How about when someone who finally gets through the denial stage of grieving? You say they have arrived upon shores of the Nile, right?

See, our logic checks. It checks WAY OUT! So, buy some sheets.