Acer V5 UltraThin 15" Touchscreen Laptop

by wootbot

Touchy, Touchy

This is for all those jerkfaces who slapped your hand away from their monitors.

You know the type. The uptight graphic designer who gets all bent out of shape if you dare lay a greasy finger on his pristine monitor. He would rather berate you in front of everyone in the stand-up meeting than spend two seconds afterwards wiping the half-fingerprint from the corner with one of those lint-free cloths.

But now is your chance to really drive him over the edge. Get your sticky little mitts on one of these Acer V5 UltraThin 15" Touchscreen Laptops, and insist on being the lead at the next client presentation. Then every time you scroll, flick, pinch and rotate the screen, make a big production of it with exaggerated, sweeping gestures.

If his head hasn't exploded by the time you're finished closing programs, browsing online, and breezing through photo albums using nothing but your fingers, we'd really be surprised. At the very least, you should see some good twitching and maybe even a little smoke billowing out of his ears.