Action Shot 720P HD Video Camera Bundle

by wootbot

Big Day Out

If you're looking to record an active day, look no further than this EXCLUSIVE bundle. Just remember to edit the video before sharing. Nobody has to know how often you fall on your butt.

Operative Jake Pacific looked off the deck of his winter estate. Somewhere, in the tree line, the enemy agents were gathering. Operative Jake Pacific had to send them a message. A clear message. A message that they could watch in 1280 x 720p resolution on an included SD card.

Operative Jake Pacific was ready with his Action Shot, his Mounting Accessory Kit, his Waterproof case, and his Video Viewer Attachment. Thanks to M&D, a.k.a. "The Parents Of Record," Operative Jake Pacific was equipped with a 720p camera and all the trimmings, certainly enough to send the message he hoped to send.

Unfortunately, the first attempt didn't go so well, because Operative Jake Pacific forgot to attach the camera with the Secure Strap. Thankfully, Operative Jake Pacific didn't break anything as he jumped off the deck. Operative Jake Pacific would save that one for the outtake reel at the Operative's Ball next summer.

The second take worked a little better, thanks to the Bike Mount, but Operative Jake Pacific pedaled past some bigger kids who threw dirt clods in his direction. Nothing he couldn't handle, but terrible PR for a warning message.

The third take failed because he had filled the included SD card. Operative Jake Pacific had to run inside and clear the card and also get a cupcake because they were fresh.

The fourth take, however, was perfect. Operative Jake Pacific jumped off the deck, shot a basket, did an ollie in the driveway and shot a rubber dart into the trees where an agent could possibly have been. A clear message: the Operative Jake Pacific estate was off limits to the enemy.

Now Operative Jake Pacific just had to find a way to get the word out on the street. Maybe his dad would know how to put the video up on YouTube.