adidas ClimaLite Polo Shirt

by wootbot


Marco. Marco. Marco! C'mon, you know how this game is played! Also, for all the people actually named Marco, sorry if seeing this startled you.

If you're smart enough to know that the Woot Accessories & Watches site has launched, you're also smart enough to know this: the game "Marco Polo" has long been played in places full of moisture, like pools and lakes and (for highly advanced players) the ocean. But don't assume that, just because this ClimaLite Polo features highly breathable fabric that helps draw moisture away from your skin, you'll be able to wear it in the pool to help you win big on the competitive Marco Polo scene.

It's true, when wearing a ClimaLite Polo, you are almost certainly going to be the most stylish "fish out of water" in the game, but ask yourself: is that a thing that will ever help me climb the scoreboard?

We can't answer that question ourselves, as the game of Marco Polo has a great many local and regional rules. For example, in Florida, being caught as a fish out of water can get you five years in a state prison, unless your father plays golf with the governor! Aren't summer games whimsical?