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Aeioure Of The V'owls

by Chairman V'owl
hooty hooo

Hey, this thread is V'OWLS ONLY, okay? If you post in here without a V'owl logo, your post will be deleted and you'll lose experience too. But if you're a V'owl, come on in and learn about your clan...

Welcome to the Aeioure Of The V'owls! Your clan is a noble clan, nestled in the mountain cities that look down on the land of Wootcrap. The Aeioure was seized in a battle two hundred years ago (against the dread Mprr Cnsnnt) and since then, it has been a land of peace. As a V'owl, you hope to spread the teachings of your home to those who dwell in Sea and Earth. And don't forget: every V'owl dreams of meeting the mysterious Sixth Tribe Of Y! Perhaps it will be YOU who will lead your missing people home after some times!

hooty hooo

Be strong. Be swift. Be mighty. And above all, dare to achieve against the machinations of the World of Wootcrap! Will you and your clan-mates unwind his strings of terror? Or will you become hopelessly entangled in its nightmare web? Coordinate, discuss, and appreciate being a V'owel here in this thread!