Anolon Ultra Clad 10-Piece Cookware Set

by wootbot

Knight Of The Round Saucepan

Enter the Mists of Anolon 

Morgaine stood over the bubbling lands of Anolon. Greenish fog rising from the 8-quart stockpot and ran through her hair in the windless calm. A tear ran along her high cheek and fell, sizzling on the saute pan, as she contemplated the fate of her land at the hands of man. 

At this thought a man, Arthur, strode into the fey swamp of Anolon. He was Morgain's half brother, and though she knew already the awful course his life would wreak she could not turn him away. 

"Arthur!" She called, and the young knight stiffened in fear. 

"Who is there?" He called, for he would not see through the simmering minestrone of a 3-quart saucepan. 

"Fear not, Arthur, and behold ExSkilletor!" The she-witch called. "Its uniquely engineered exterior surface shall bring you conquest over all Britons, and unite the land under the one true King Arthur." 

At this Arthur grasped the handle of ExSkilletor and lofted it high over his head. A chorus of heavenly angels was heard over the lugubrious moaning of the old gods as he melted a pat of butter across its glistening surface.