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Apocalyptic Giveaways All Day on Woot's Facebook Page!

by Jason Toon

So here we are. The end of the world. Guys, it's been swell. But before we all ride the cosmic handbasket into oblivion, there's still time for one more naked promotional ploy.

Mortimer, the more impulsive of our two spokesmonkeys, is tidying up his cubicle for the impending Armageddon. And he's dumping the contents all over Woot's Facebook page. Go there, LIKE us, and watch for giveaway announcements throughout the day to win a piece of "problem inventory" to call your very own!

Of course, no amount of unwanted consumer junk can stave off the inevitable devouring of everything you hold dear. Goodbye, cruel wooters. We'll catch you fools on the flippity-flop.