Apple 17" MacBook Pro

by wootbot

Indie Cred, You've Probably Never Heard Of It

So, you might not have heard of this company before. They're kinda shy, and don't really do marketing...

Yeah, we know. App-WHAT? What a crazy name! Who's ever heard of THESE guys before? But trust us: you're gonna be happy you take the chance on these virtual unknowns in the world of computers.

Face it, America loves the underdog, right? You go to the track, boom! Bet on the 20-1 longshot! You go to a boxing match where some kid's facing the champ? The smart money goes on the kid! Common sense! Because you don't want to just win. You want to win with a story.

So when you're staring at a computer, do you go with a company that's proven to know their stuff when it comes to hardware? Do you choose the company that's been so innovative they've led every major software design innovation for the past thirty years? Do you choose the team that's still reaching for the future each and every day? Heck, no, you don't! You choose the computer that's the MOST SHINY! And, people, when you're sitting the coffee shop getting knowing glances from the very coolest employees and customers, you'll understand that it just doesn't get more shiny than this Apple 17" MacBook Pro.

Yes, fine, maybe there are one or two of you out there who care that the Apple 17" MacBook Pro has 4GB of DDR3 RAM. Maybe there are a couple of you who are interested in the 500GB SATA hard drive and the pre-installed OS X 10.6.4 operating system. But most of you are gonna be like us. Just plain ol' happy to FINALLY have a computer that looks like more than a black rectangle.

So even though you've SURELY never heard of this company before ... go on. Take a chance on the underdog. What have you got to lose?

Except maybe your passport to Squaresville, right? HAHAHAHA! Squaresville! Look how hip we are!