Apple 32GB or 64GB iPad 3rd Gen

by wootbot

iPad, youPad, weallPad for iPad!

Fill it with a ton of affordable apps. Or just one really expensive one.

These iPads are already a steal, but considering that they’re cheaper than even some of the apps you can put on them, picking one up is a no brainer! And you can put that money you saved toward some of those pricier apps.

Did you go to veterinary school, but were recently hit in the head and can’t remember anything about mammalian anatomy? Well, for a cool $400, you can download Diagnostic Imaging Atlas, Small Animal. Just follow along, and you’ll be performing canine surgery in no time.

Tired of using boring old desktop computers or actual blueprints to run your architecture business? Move into the 21th century with Architactile Inception, the app that finally lives up to the oft-bandied -about slogan “it costs five hundred dollars.”

California’s bar exam is famously the most difficult in the nation. When your law school education fails you, turn to BarMax, whose study aid costs an even thousand dollars. Might seem steep, but compared to what you spent on your worthless law degree, it’s a downright bargain.

VIP Black is a thousand dollar app that lets you book yachts, get room upgrades, and rent private islands. It’s a great way to say “I have too much disposable income” while maintaining your trademark “I’m an idiot with terrible decision-making skills” vibe.