Asus 10.1" 32GB Tablet & Keyboard Dock

by wootbot

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Syria?

Who's got time to form cohesive opinions of their own anymore? 

Are you struggling to form your own opinion of the situation in in Syria? You're not alone! Millions of Americans just like you have no clue how they're supposed to feel about this nuanced issue. Luckily this Asus Transformer tablet and dock can help you form an impassioned opinion on the issue in no time! 

  • Flip the tablet like a coin. "Heads (screen)" you support intervention. Tails (back) you don't. 
  • Google "should we invade siria?" using the handy keyboard, and align your views with the first comment you read. 
  • Open a world map, close your eyes, and randomly place your finger somewhere on the screen. Your stance is that of the country you've landed on. Is your finger on the ocean? WILD CARD: You think we should let Syrian sink underneath the sea. 
  • Use this powerful tablet to research the many interconnected threads encompassing the complex policy question regarding not only Syria but foreign affairs more broadly. JK JK JK ain't nobody got time for that.