Asus 15.6" Dual-Core i5 Laptop

by wootbot


A faint glow from under your hands...

As he tried to merge into the bumper-to-bumper traffic, a car quickly sped up to close the gap on Terrance, giving him nowhere to go. He had to wait for another opening, while the cars behind him honked as if this were his fault. But none of this bothered Terrance.

In fact, nothing really bothered Terrance these days. When his roommates filled the refrigerator with terrible-smelling science experiments; when his girlfriend invited her friend, Sarah, whose jaw made a loud clicky sound whenever she chewed to dinner; when his brother asked to "borrow" a couch and then couldn't make it "all the way out there" to Terrance's, so if Terrance could just "run it over" to his place before Wednesday; it all bothered Terrance about as much butter bothers a hot pan.

The reason for Terrance's new calm state was not the result of any sort of new way of thinking. It wasn't what he was eating. It wasn't because he was exercising more; he wasn't. It was because he knew they were coming to take him away. And they weren't coming from where anyone expected. They weren't coming from the stars or the ocean. They were coming from his Asus 15.6" i5 Laptop. He knew because every night when he sat down to write one of his haikus, he would see them in there, their glow so powerful that it emerged from beneath his keyboard. 

Poor Terrance, he hadn't read the specs.