Asus 32GB Tablet with or w/o Keyboard

by wootbot

Getting Giggly

You're getting much more than just a tablet. You're getting a tablet with 32 very special gigs.

We sell tablets a lot, and when we do, we usually take the time to talk about the tablet, but we realized that we haven't always been giving the specs the attention they're due. That's why, for today, we're going to introduce you to each of the 32 gigs on this Asus 10.1" 32GB Tablet with (or without) Keyboard.

1. Gigglypuff

2. Oscar the Gig

3. Gigamus Maximus

4. Free Giggy

5. Gig the Bunny

6. Gigger the Tiger

7. Giggy Pop

8. Giggy Stardust

9. The Wizard of Gig

10. Cruella DeGig

11. Sir Gigsalot

12. Gig Notaro

13. Mr. Gig

14. Mrs. Gig

15. Miss Gig

16. Ms. Gig

17. Dr. Gig

18. Josh from the movie "Gig"

19. G.I. Gig

20. Gig Larsson

21. Captain Gigard

22. Gigness Everdeen

23. Whoopi Gigberg

24. Gig Bird

25. Gigfield

26. Gigtor Oladipo

27. Miss Giggy

28. Gigky Gervase

29. Ludgig Van Beethoven

30, 31, and 32: The Three Little Gigs