At Long Last: Validation

by Scott Lydon

Hey, are you one of those people who like to read our blog at work? Well thank you, loyal reader. Here's our chance to pay you back! Big important newspaper The Los Angeles Times is currently reporting on a study from The Academy Of Management that says, and we quote, "Browsing the Internet serves an important restorative function".


river water caressing rocks
Like a cool stream of information on a hot day at your desk


Sure, you've been saying that for years now, but who's cared about you? You're just some schmo trying to do a little goofing off! This, though, this is a report from a company with "management" in their name! This is being mentioned in a paper that has a stock page! This is the kind of thing that executives can begin to trust, and it might be opening the door for us cyberloafers who know how to balance work with play.

So what do you think? Is this the Facebook generation's "Dylan goes electric" moment? Or just another thing for middle management to ignore? Sound off inside with your opinions inside! And don't worry if they catch you typing. Now you'll be able to play it off as a productivity experiment.

Photo River water caressing rocks by Matt Mercer is used under a Creative Commons license,