AT&T H450 Earbud Headset - 2-Pack

by Wootbot

Let me tell you something about the AT&T H450 Earbud Headset (2 Pack). The AT&T H450 Earbud Headset (2 Pack) might be the purest darn form of sound reproduction that man has yet created. Throw out those CD players and iPods and super expensive turntables, man, because phonecore is about explode like Rivers Cuomo at an anime convention.

Oh, yeah, scoff if you want about how Van Halen never used a retractable cord or the clothing clip and say that the AT&T H450 Earbud Headset (2 Pack) only works with cordless and cellular phones, but man, that’s gonna be the FUTURE, man! Let me try these two words on you and make you flip like Jack White at a Von Bondies’ show: DOUBLE MONO. That’s right, my friend, it’s as pure as Pet Sounds. The AT&T H450 Earbud Headset (2 Pack) gets that warm lo-fi sound you only hear by asking a friend to call you once the show starts.

Forget that Radiohead and Pink Floyd stuff, you want music that sounds like a Ramones cassette you keep on the dashboard of your car! Man, it’s about that guy playing a rake with a salad fork now! The labels can’t handle it! They want to shut it down! But you think they can shut down THE FREAKING PHONE COMPANY?? The AT&T H450 Earbud Headset (2 Pack) uses a universal 2.5” jack and even has a mute button, but you won’t ever need that when you’re rockin’. Maybe just when you’re callin’ for a “pizza”. Kick out the jams, chinese dentist!


Warranty: One Year


  • Clothing Clip
  • Coiled Cord Enables Flexible Movement
  • Ideal for Use with Many Cordless and Cellular Products with a Universal 2.5” Jack
  • Mute Button
  • Plug the Headset In or Remove it During Conversation without Disconnecting Call
  • Retractable Cord