AVOCADOBUTTgate: Now The Story Can Be Told!

by Jason Toon

Hey, wouldn't it be awesome if we hid a coupon code in a podcast that only worked once, so the first wooter to try it got today's product free? And then wouldn't it be awesome if the whole idea actually worked as planned? Well, we managed to get the first part right in today's Wootcast, "I Sliced an Avocado". If you sat through four-and-a-half of the dopiest, most inane minutes of novelty music this side of Rednex, you heard the coupon code. But if you tried to use it, well, that's where things broke down. Note to coders: the difference between an empty string and a null string is surprisingly significant.

What to do, what to do? Since nobody else has a stronger claim and it'd be a shame to let a perfectly good AVOCADOBUTT go to waste, we're awarding the coupon code (and hence, the free Ecomposter) to a wooter by the name of chris12345 (pictured at left). He was the first Wootcast listener to post a comment on the podcast discussion thread, so if this somewhat arbitrary choice offends your sense of fair play, consider it a reward for participating in the Woot forums.

chris12345 says he's been listening to the Wootcast since early 2009 because "It's usually funny, and Matthew has a nice voice." His favorites are the many Shanties of Bluetooth - but even that kind of experience doesn't prepare one for an onslaught of irritation like "I Sliced an Avocado". How'd you endure it, chris12345? "I was reading through some things on Deals.Woot at the time," he reports. "It may have distracted me just enough that I still got the gist of the podcast without my brain turning to mush." Deals.Woot: protecting brains from Wootcast-induced mushification since 2009.

But remember, chris12345, if you ever do find your brain going mushy, don't just flush it down the toilet like most people would. Put it to good use with your brand-new Ecomposter!