Beyond Gurus, Ninjas, & Rockstars: 16 Cutesy Job Titles For Today

by Jason Toon

Are you a Guru? Ninja? Rockstar, Wizard, Evangelist? Yeah, cool, if you're applying for a job in 2009. (Consider yourself zinged!) If you want to intimidate an employer into hiring you these days, you better step up your ridiculousness with one of these hot new variations on the theme.

  • UX Matador
  • Client Relations F├╝hrer
  • Marketing Strangler
  • PHP Geisha
  • Social Media Conquistador
  • .NET Cleric
  • Database Architecture Sword Swallower
  • Brand-Awareness Kamikaze
  • QA Witch Doctor
  • Javascript Balla
  • Software Design Engineer of the Heart
  • Logistics Cosmonaut
  • Inside Sales Gunman
  • SQL Server Bearded Lady
  • Front-End UI Mountie
  • SEO Werewolf