Breville Juice Fountains - Your Choice

by wootbot


Guys, let's make juice fun again.

It's time to "cleanse" ourselves of the idea that drinking juice is a goody-goody chore, a ritual of self-denial, something we associate with fasting. Aside from the fact that there's no science behind "juice cleanses", and the fact that there's not really even such a thing as "toxins", and the fact that your body has several perfectly good organs already devoted to processing unwanted material, there's also the fact that "juice cleanses" make juice seem really boring and uptight.

Juice should be fun! The scrumptious liquid bounty of the fruits of the Earth is a joyous miracle, a sensual pleasure - not fish oil's more colorful cousin. Don't buy these Breville juicers because you think they're going to help you "flush toxins", or "restore your balance", or make you glow like Gwyneth Paltrow. Buy them because juice tastes awesome. Buy them because juice makes you happy. Buy them because juice is fun.