Breville the Juice Fountain Plus

by wootbot

Brevillejuice, Brevillejuice, Brevillejuice!

Learn about the sensual mysteries of juicing! 

Looks like this juicer comes with its own explanatory video, which means its time for a ... WOOT PRODUCT VIDEO WATCH-ALONG!

00:03 Breville's bassist is the best in the business

00:08 Breville is an Australian company?? You learn something every day. 

00:12 OoooOOOooo I had no idea the juicing lifestyle was so … sensual. 

00:16 Whoa whoa whoa, 2 settings? What am I an engineer? 

00:21 What did she say? Is there an Australian translator in the forums? 

00:29 It hit the market with a tube? Was the market OK? 

00:33 BATES? What are you saying? Who would want to juice Bates? 

00:36 I for one am filled with wonder. 

00:40 Really? One margarine, hoisin sauce, and empty milk carton juice comin' right up! 

00:44 Again…those eyebrows really play up the salacious aspects of juicing. 


00:52 Gingeroo? Is that like a spicy kangaroo? 

00:57 I'll put in as much ginger as I damn well -- that's too much. 

01:00 We call this editing technique "swooping rhombuses" 

01:08 We don't have anything snarky to say about this good idea

01:16 But can I listen to Tool while I dismantle it? 

01:19 Give my parts a rinse? That seems personal. 

01:28 OK we might need to censor this for an American audience.