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by John Osebold

Since ‘tis the season, we want to see what kind of gadgetbread house you can make. A one story house? Two stories? Garage? Mansion? Shack? Cave? You decide. See the video on the main page for further moving picture info.

There are TWO categories here: One is an actual gadgetbread house and the other is a virtual gadgetbread house.

  • The actual gadgetbread house is made of physical devices you have at your fingertips that you assemble into a lovely model and then take a photo of.

  • The virtual gadgetbread house is a photoshopped monstrosity that you’ve brought to life.jpg through the magic of computer imaging.


Here, for your benefit, is our hasty attempt at the actual and virtual categories. Now make your own and put ours to shame.




Now the questions…

Can I submit to both categories?

How many times can I submit?
As often as you like.

OK, what do I do?

  1. Upload your creation(s) to (or your favorite image uploading site)
  2. Post your uploaded image to the discussion thread below by using the code: [img]URL[/img]
  3. Please label your image as Actual or Virtual such so we know the category


When is the deadline?
Wednesday, November 12th at 5:00PM Pacific.

What happens then?
We will announce our favorite actual and virtual gadgetbread houses in a video that airs on Friday, November 14th.

What do those two favorites get?
A trophy. Like the kind of thing you get in little league or bowling or the US Open. A real thing you can brag to your friends (real and imagined) about. There will be a trophy for Best Actual Gadgetbread House and Best Virtual Gadgetbread House, so you could potentially get TWO TROPHIES. Plus, all participants will receive a badge. A BADGE.

Happy Stuff Making With Gadget Stuff! Making!