Camp Chef 120-Inch Portable Outdoor Movie Theater Screen

by wootbot

One Film To Rule The Lawn

Optimize your "Miami Connection" viewing experience

There are thousands of films in the world, but only one deserves to be projected on this monster screen: 1987's The Miami Connection. If you've never experienced this cinematic masterpiece, do yourself a favor and set aside 96 minutes for blood, drugs, and rock 'n roll. Behold: (Viewer discretion advised. Viewer obsession highly advised)

Sure, you could project other movies on this portable 120-inch screen, but…why? Do other films feature the heart-pounding jams of Dragon Sound? Do other films have "Miami" in the title even though they're set in Orlando? Do other films have this?:

No, they don't. So why bore your friends with inferior entertainment? Speaking of friends, we've got all the goods to make your Miami Connection viewing party a success. You'll make "friends for eternity" with snacks, pillows, and other ninja-drug-trafficking-rock-movie accouterment.

"But Woot," you say. "This movie seems pretty violent and it's full of cursing. Won't my neighbors complain?" Just tell them:



You can pick up a copy of the movie over here. Special thanks to Drafthouse Films for letting us do this.