Center Point Mountable Video Cam

by wootbot

Giddyap, Cowboy

This video camera would be great to take along on pretty much any adventure, but it's just not going to actually get you there.

"Hey Carl. Whatcha up to?"

Oh, just saddlin' up ol' Center Point.

"Is that your horse's name? I always thought it was Buttercup."

No, I'm talkin' about this here filly.

"Wait … THAT? That's not a horse, Carl. That's a full-color, digital audio video camera.

I don't know where you come from, Son. But I was born on a ranch and I'll die on a ranch. So I know a horse when I see one.

"You're totally pulling my leg, right? Because this is clearly NOT a horse. For one, it's made of metal. A lightweight and durable metal casing, to be exact. And it also has a built-in microphone. Horses don't typically have microphones, built-in or not."

Ya know. Now that ya mention it, there's always been somethin' about that LED indicator that just didn't sit right with me. Had the vet out to look at it and everythin'. But ya know, the box said "mountable" so I wasn't gonna argue.

"Carl, when's the last time you knew a horse to come in a box?"

I 'spose you got a good point there.