Choose Your VIZIO LED Smart TV w/ Wi-Fi

by wootbot

Tune In Tomorrow

Is it a computer that looks like a TV, or a TV that acts like a computer? In the future, it doesn't matter.

Remember how in old sci-fi movies and superhero comics, it was just assumed that the future would have all these TV screens that were also, like, supercomputer masterbrains capable of summoning any piece of information, any image, any video clip, whatever? They're here!

From a space-capsule friendly 32" to a supervillain's-lair-sized 70", these VIZIO Smart TVs combine high-definition video and Internet connectivity, powered by integrated Wi-Fi and a full suite of apps, from Hulu to YouTube, from Amazon Instant Video to Facebook. It's so tomorrow, you'll expect Cosmo Spacely to pop up and bark at you for being late to your job at Spacely Space Sprockets.

These VIZIO Smart TVs won't necessarily make you any smarter than regular TV does - but they do give you a whole bunch of new ways to be stupid. And that's a future we can believe in.