Chris Needs Your Help Doing Something Banal

by Randall Cleveland

We've all had one of those moments. The one where you're walking down the street, busily bustling on your way to your next meeting or yoga class or Craigslist personals casual sexual hookup for the day, when suddenly your eyes alight on something. It's a flier, and judging by the information contained therein it must've been written by a crazy homeless person who probably shouldn't be trusted with things like "paper" and "toner cartridges" in the first place. Where do they come from? Who are these people with bizarre requests and angry diatribes stapled to telephone poles everywhere? If you live in New York City, odds are good that you're looking at Notes from Chris...


super bowl


Notes from Chris is a project headed by writer Todd Lamb. It's a "project" in the sense that he does it and has continued to do it since 2008, but other than massive citywide trolling we're not sure what the purpose would be.



Every note is from a guy named Chris. Every note asks the reader to meet back at the note's location at 4pm. Every note wants the reader to help Chris with some truly trivial and tedious crap, from diagnosing his red eyes to discussing smelly garbage to trying a new hot wing recipe he's concocted.



Do people respond? Are they helpful? Angry? Smugly judgmental of what seems to be a mentally imbalanced guy asking for help via lamppost? We never find out. The project doesn't really cover the response part of it, and honestly we think that's better. Seeing people's reactions would sort of spoil the joke; it's better to put yourself in the shoes of a random New Yorker temporarily stunned out of your walk by the most inane flier you've ever seen.

What would your flier look like? Are you willing to try it in YOUR hometown? Let us know in the comments (pics or it didn't happen).