Core Bamboo Butcher Block with Prep Bowls

by wootbot


Butcher block can mean a lot of different things.

Derrick! Hey man! 

"Chris? Wow, I… umm… I didn't know you would be here."

Yeah, it's supposed to be nice this weekend, so I figured I'd swing by the meat counter, get some steaks, hang out on the patio, and just grillax, you know feel me?

"Yeah, yeah."

Is something wrong, man?

"Well, I guess… I just… I feel like you're kind of butcher blocking me."

Butcher blocking you?

"Yeah, like, I came here to get some meat, but now you're here, so there's no way the butcher's going to give me what I want."

Ohhhhhhh, I read you loud and clear, wink wink. I'll be on my way!

"Thanks, Chris."

But just to clarify, could the term 'butcher block' be used in any other context?

"Why, yes! It could also refer to the top grade Core-branded chop block made from premium, hand selected bamboo and found in the kitchens of discerning cooks the country over!"

Awesome. That helps me understand what is happening here! 

"Me too!"