Craftsman Rolling Tool Chest & Cabinet

by wootbot

Tool Runnings

The original mobile technology.

What period of technology most profoundly influenced human development? The industrial revolution? The information age? The minidisc nano-epoch?

Wrong on all counts. Without the very first technological developments - your hammers, your axes, your adzes, whatever they are - we'd still be swinging through the trees, eating fruit, brawling, sleeping whenever we felt like it, rutting vigorously with whatever mate will have us... And that would be a bad thing. We guess.

Anyway, Craftsman has taken that quantum leap and double-quantummed it by putting the whole thing on wheels. Between the rolling tool chest and the cabinet that sites up top, this utensil wagon offers a frankly astonishing 18 drawers of varying sizes, dimensions, and moods. It won't help you find the nearest Korean taco truck or show your friends a picture of your papayatini, but this kind of mobile technology started it all... And that was a good thing. We guess.