Craftsman Rolling Tool Chest - Dry Erase

by wootbot

Safe Keeping

Like he was really going to write "funny cigarettes" and "nudie mags" on those drawers.

There comes a time in every young boy's life when he stumbles upon his dad's "personal" collection while digging around for an old baseball mitt or comic books. Initial shock and horror gives way to curiosity and intrigue, one things leads to another, and pretty soon your kid is giving the most far-fetched excuses for why he needs to "go to the garage for something real quick."

You could get angry that your husband didn't make space for his goodie stash in the combined 12,993 cubic inch capacity of this Craftsman Limited Edition Rolling Tool Chest. Or you could just understand that "boys will be boys" and be thankful he at least tried to hide it.

Besides, what did you expect him to do? Store it all in one of the full extension drawers, right in between his hammer and ratchet set? That would just be silly. Everyone knows those sorts of things should be buried under a pile of saw dust, used oil rags and ice skates, right where you'd least expect them.