Dell Latitude 14" Core i3 Laptop w/SSD

by wootbot

The Dell Latitude Movie Project

Guess what, fans? The Dell Latitude movie is greenlighted - IF you guys can pay up!

The original cast is TOTALLY into getting back together! The Intel Dual-Core Processor is tired of doing conventions, the 14" HD Anti-Glare LED-backlit high-definition widescreen display's podcast gig isn't working out, and the 128GB Solid State Drive Flash Module has some pretty expensive habits to feed. Bottom line: let's rock this joint, yo!

But we can't make it happen without you. Sure, the stars and the studio could pay for it themselves because we roast people like you on spits at our luaus, and we spend more on sunscreen every summer than Ukraine spends on healthcare. But you should pay for it BECAUSE FUN!

For a pledge of just $399.99 plus shipping, you can make this dream a reality! To the extent that any filmed fictional narrative represents reality! In return, we'll send each backer one (one) Dell Latitude E5430 Laptop, complete with all the features you know and love - plus all three-and-a-half seasons of Dell's Angels on DVD*! This is our one shot to make this happen, because there's no way you suckers will fall for this a second time... or will you?

Thanks to everybody who keeps their faith but not their money -

The Dell Latitude Movie Project

* - DVDs not included, and do not actually exist. We just said that to make it sound more fun!